master of the guards pt 4

He was crazy in love with the queen. His family had served in the castle for generations and he had grown up watching the princess and falling for her as she rose to her beauty.  He knew she was a hellion in her youth, but she seemed to have grown up recently.

Her  mother had died when she was a teenager, and her father decided to become a queen-maker more than a father. He felt kind of sorry for her.  She seemed different lately and barely spent any time with him these days.
Had he done something to offend her?
He set his mind to the fight ahead of him with the farmer and early on, he realized he would have to focus. The farmer did not fight in any way he was used to.  Such a dervish!  But he was used to speed and had a quick mind, so he kept up with the farmer. Smite for smite. Finally he had a challenge worthy of his mastery! He had grown up fighting with street urchins, so he began to use that style, rather than the trained one his guards had lost with. After today, he would have to teach them the counter-training fight styles. Not all their enemies would be excellent in martial arts.  Some could indeed be farmers storming the castle. His soldiers would be useless against a mob.  He hadn’t thought of that before. Luckily it hadn’t happened yet.
In the corner of his eye, he saw the magician approach his queen and startle her. He wondered why, because the magician and the queen hardly ever interacted. He knew the queen hated the magician. Though he had no idea why. Personally, he found the magician to be a good man. Quite a good friend too.  They often found their way to each other to have a good chat and a brew. But today, he had an expression on his face that the master had never seen him wear before.  And so did the queen for that matter. What on earth was going on?  He’d be sure to ask later.
At that point, he had to focus back on the fight with the farmer. He seemed to have found a new energy. Well that was unfortunate!

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