thief! thief! a robbery who dunit

They had a party in their new home. To be neighbourly, they dropped off invitations to everyone on their cul de sac. They wanted to be seen to be trying to fit in and be nice to everyone. They also realized that in some ways, their security would depend on their neighbours as well.
They also invited some of their old neighbours, so they could see how they had fared when they sold out and relocated.
They also invited a few people from their offices and a few long term friends.

Their house wasn’t THAT ornate, but it was well built and in an up and coming neighbourhood. You can take that to mean gentrified if you want. City council was trying to mix the neighbourhood to reduce the crime rate and make some of the slum lords take note that times were changing and they had to step up their game.

It was almost funny, in a way. Within a country block, there was a drug den, a tenement, a gang house, old mom and pop stores, a high end gallery and a few boutiques, a public and private school. Plus a few nice houses on their cul de sac. What a mishmash!

The day after the party, they went to work and left the cleaning to their maid service. The woman who came had done their old place for years, so they trusted her on her own. They were glad to have her.

When they came home, they found the doors wide open, the living room was trashed, the bed was stabbed and the mattress was ruined. A few cheaper paintings were slashed and some of the better quality ones were taken. Either someone had a good eye, or they lucked out. Do you believe in luck? I don’t. Her jewelry box was empty and their small safe was gone. There were a few stocks and bonds in and their insurance papers. That wouldn’t be worth anything to the robbers. Hey, they even took their kinky toy box! There was a lock on it so the kids didn’t go looking in it. Maybe the thieves thought there was something expensive in it?

They called the police…

Suspect # 1
the maid’s teen age son was looked at by the police. He was taking art classes at the school and might have known which paintings were worth the risk. But why now? He had always been a good and helpful kid at their old place. But recently his grades were declining and the cops thought he might be changing for the worse.

Suspect # 2
one of their new neighbours was having some business problems and was known to gamble. The cops figured he might have gotten worried about paying off his debts and robbed them. He had no known criminal history though. Didn’t run with any known criminals either. He had taken art history in college.

Suspect # 3
the husband was having some business problems too. So he was getting the hairy eyeball too. The family had moved because they were downsizing. The wife had refused to sell the very paintings that were stolen. SHE was even looking askance at him. But why would he bother with the toy box? Unless it was to throw off suspicion?

Suspect(s) # 4
the gang moved higher end stuff and yes art was part of what they moved. Anything really that could be turned into coin.

Soooo… who do you think trashed their place?

the next time the neighbour (suspect # 2) ran into the wife, he made a pass at her. But when asked about, it turned out he was a letch. So yay or nay? Was this relevant? Had he seen what was in the toy box?

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