Who dunit? – murder

A woman’s body is found in a park, close to her house. She is naked, posed delicately in a funereal pose and covered with a blanket. But she has bruises all over her body, When her body is xrayed by the pathologist, they find she has a lot of broken bones in varying states of repair. This woman has been badly battered… Her engagement and wedding rings are missing.

Suspect #1
her husband of course – It stands to reason, doesn’t it? Plenty of people could have told stories about spousal conflict. Or how often he was seen drinking. The cops also discovered he was seeing someone else. So was the victim…Jealousy is a good motive, one of the best. So was it him?

now we have Suspects # 2 & 3
the people they were sleeping with… Did he think they had something so great she would leave her husband? get violent when she broke it off? Did she think if the wife was out if the way, he would come to her?

Suspect # 4
a serial rapist/killer was known to be in the area. On examination, she had been penetrated vaginally and anally like this suspect was known to do. But why would a serial killer cover her like he regretted his actions? And stranger danger isn’t really that common a story, is it? Especially when the victim has been battered so badly and for so long…But you could hardly rule him out, could you? Not every batterer kills their target, do they?

Suspect # 5
A neighbourhood man had an unrequited crush on the victim. He was so distressed about her “horrible life” as he saw it, that he had been trying to find ways to cheer her up and protect her, He sent her flowers candy, cute cards. He called the police every time the couple had an argument. He seemed to be watching really really closely. The cops had had a few “friendly chats” with him about his interest in her. She had signed an RO against him. Had he decided the only way to solve this situation was to kill her?

Any one of these suspects had a story that could have been the cause of her death. Only two were unlikely to feel remorse enough to cover her. It was unlikely the female suspect would take her clothes off, unless it was to deflect blame from her.

Soooo who dunit? Do you have a guess? And if so, why?

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