rapacious who dunit

He was lying in his bed, sleeping in the nude. The first sign of trouble was a really bitter taste in his mouth (viagra) and some cloth shoved into what had been his snoring mouth.
For some odd reason, before he could even struggle, he heard a tape of his own voice then…
"Be quiet and cooperate or your family will die. My friends have them bound and have guns on them in their rooms. Nod if you understand"
He nodded and started to shake.
The tape began again. "If you do as asked you all will survive. Understand?"
He nodded. He gulped and the shaking slowed down a little. How had they gotten a tape of his voice??
"Turn over onto your stomach" .He did.
Medium sized hands started touching his back and buttocks. Squeezing, pinching, and prodding into the crevice between his butt cheeks.
"Relax, it will hurt less."
He felt something at least plastic covered begin to penetrate his rectum. He wanted so badly to clench, but he had to cooperate. He felt a tear slide down his face. More followed as the thing entered.
"Lift up your bottom". He did and a pillow was put under his lower abdomen. Another hand started to play with his genitals and he arose to the occasion. Much to his embarrassment.
The rest is about who did it. I’m sure you know the mechanics from here. While it continued, he kept his mind busy thinking how they got his voice on tape, saying those specific words and who would do this?

Suspect # 1
His ex girlfriend had vowed she would humiliate him for refusing to marry her when she got pregnant. She was just bitch enough that she would be this cruel and he planned on asking her some hard questions.

Suspect # 2
He had a rival on the football team who kept giving him the hairy eyeball. He got every single medal and goal he tried for, plus kept up good grades. And had all the cheerleaders chasing after him as well.

Suspect # 3
One of the coaches kept making creepy moves on him. He tried to be civil, but he was pretty sure the coach saw the disgust in his eyes when he said no.

Suspect # 4
It could be a stranger! He suddenly remembered a speech he had posted on facebook a couple weeks ago. He had been standing in front of his house, with his letterman sweater on. OMG had they tracked him down?

When it was done and he was sure whomever had left, he went to check on his family. They all were sleeping. So it had been an empty threat.
The next morning, he logged onto facebook to check the speech and found pictures of a gloved hand using a dildo on his ass on his page. Sick people were liking it. He took them down and checked the speech. Yes, all the words were there.

So who do you think did it?

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