It Takes All kinds of Chicks in a Hen House (Since it’s Easter Sunday, a hen house tale seems on theme)

It Takes All kinds of Chicks in a Hen House

There once was a hen in a hen house on a farm owned by Farmer John. She wasn’t that young anymore and Farmer John had been thinking she was done laying πŸ₯šπŸ₯š s when he walked in one morning to a surprise.

Soon after he met her young ones:
🐀 ❣
🐀 πŸ’―
🐀 πŸ’­

and Farmer John praised the hen and gave her extra corn.

Though the 🐀🐀 s looked a lot alike, Farmer John could soon tell them apart as well as their mother could. Two kind of laid back 🐀 πŸ’­ , 🐀 ❣ and let the world come to them, and at first hid behind their mother. Two were already at the mesh of the coop
🐀 πŸ’― ,πŸ€πŸ“’ waiting for him when he opened the barn door. Happy to engage with him and let their siblings know that everything was fine. With their mother’s encouragement, they slowly learned to trust Farmer John.

And Farmer John gave them corn whenever they came up to him. So soon enough they realized the hen house was a safe place to be. In the hands of Farmer John.

And as 🐀🐀 s do they grew and grew. Those who were bold 🐀 πŸ’― ,πŸ€πŸ“’ were bold. Those who were shy 🐀 πŸ’­ , 🐀 ❣ were still shy. Each new experience taught Farmer John a little more about them and their personalities. So he gave each of them a name.

🐀 πŸ’― Intrepid
πŸ€πŸ“’ Claxon
🐀 πŸ’­ Posit
🐀 ❣ Earnest

And the hen house was a happy place, and between their mother and Farmer John, the 🐀🐀 s had a happy life at the farm.

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