Shaman Works 4 – When Miko Dances (a story)

Shaman Works 4 – When Miko Dances

NB – Shamanism is old, new and evolving. It has a very gestalt POV/ethos (mind, body/senses, spirit, community, relationships). And it has been practiced/adapted around the world. It is also creeping into the Western medical model and psychotherapies.


The Shaman had been watching the client for some time. And so had her assistant. This time it was the assistant who had more intimate knowledge of what was going on within the client. So she went to the shaman and proposed a plan.

The shaman was happy to advocate for the plan with the client. And with the closer relationship between the assistant and the client, the client agreed.

So the three of them, being in accord, went to the temple. The assistant went inside to change and get the right head space for her other role. That of Miko.

Miko was about to enter a trance and dance so she could commune with the spirits and see where the client’s troubles originated. Had she failed her ceremonial duties to her ancestors? Had she been ‘jumped on’? Had some part of her soul fragmented due to some harm done to her or her family?

The shaman had seen Miko dance before and enjoyed the slow, rhythmic beat of the music that came from the stage. She came here as often as she could to watch this ceremony.

The client was enthralled and sat quietly watching this new experience. Seeing for the first time that the young woman she had trusted as an assistant was in her own right a practitioner as well.

~the end~


(actual Miko dances)

….. research


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