Final Chapter of Sin and Grace (10): Just Sin?

Final Chapter of Sin and Grace (10):

Just Sin?


Domina and her male sub had been trying to deal with their past Christian hang ups and become more pagan in their thoughts. So they had done some work revolving around the sins.

And once the work was done, they decided to reward themselves with a CFnm party.
In case you’ve never been to one, the idea is for scantily dressed men to serve fully clothed women. Domina’s sisters preferred their subs and slaves to have a thong on under their cute service aprons. Who wants junk in their tea, after all?

That was the usual. Today when the subs arrived, they were given either white wings with a shoulder harness to hold them on or black ones. The ladies cheered when they saw their subs. Some wanted to be served by those with white wings and some with black wings.It worked out to be fairly equal.

Domina gave each of her sisters a hostess gift, which included a brief on the sins and graces, the work that was done, and a list of the books that were read. As well as sub’s briefs. And she gave them a gag and whip, in case their sub preferred puniishment to lessons.

The tea was poured, the tasty treats were served, and the subs did a little dance show for the ladies. They found some Halloween music and some wild and devilish stuff as well. The ladies were clapping and cheering.

One of the Dominant ladies and her sub offered him up to be the tray for the ladies, as they had done in the Lust and Gluttony tale gathering. And it was graciously accepted. So out came the cans of cream and sprinkles to decorate him with, and the ladies had fun licking and tickling him with it.

To wrap the night up, the ladies had quite a chat about the sins and Domina mentioned that she thought they were based on fear. They weren’t really “sins” per se. A few others agreed that it made sense.

And the night wound down to an end. Sub was given an honour guard of subs who each swatted his bum as he passed thru their lines. So he would remember his “graduation day”. Domina received a dozen roses. They were both beaming. And Domina was proud to hear that a few of her sisters intended to try these lessons as well.

A job well done then. And fun had by all.

~the end~

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