Sin and Grace : Sin #7 – Pride (erotica/ish)

Sin and Grace : Sin #7 – Pride


Sin 7 – Pride
Pride is an excessive view of one’s self without regard for others. Humility cures pride by removing one’s ego and boastfulness, cultivating an attitude of service.

Domina and her male sub were trying to deal with their past Christian hang ups and become more pagan in their thoughts. So they thought they’d do some work revolving around the sins.

Domina and sub were feeling kind of proud of themselves for all their work on the sins and graces as they rolled up to the finish line with pride, the last sin. But not in a bad way. They had done some hard work, and deserved a pat on the back.

And that is the beginning of the issue. The first question: When do you see yourself honestly, with all your strengths and weaknesses, all your talents and flaws, and be proud of your growth? Without becoming fixated on it as if

  1. you are solely responsible: Noone exists in a vaccuum, do they?
  2. as if you are the star in the night sky, to the exclusion of all others
  3. and as if you deserve something extra than a pat on the back. A larger piece of the pie.
  4. And as if others around you who don’t have this skill are now lesser than you.

That was the distinction between pride, that was natural for yourself and your growth as you succeeded in life, and grandiosity.

The priest or nun, the king or prince, the chief of a tribe, the members of parliament, the teacher, or whoever was in charge, was actually a servant to the people in their charge. And woe-betide them if they ever thought otherwise. They still shared the same pie with everyone else, and really were deserving of no more, as a human, than the others. Unless they were giving to the group, thru charity or some other means.

Both Domina and sub were fairly versed in philosophy and managed to frame their thoughts on pride from a few theorists and schools of thought. (see references below the story) And had quite a cool discussion of their place in that thinking.

Domina asked sub to write out his view of himself. His strengths and weaknesses, talents and flaws. See how well his idea of who he was and what he had to offer was the same as hers of him. She was curious how much of that list would focus on their relationship. And how much would be about his career and other obligations and relationships he had.

When she read it, Domina was pleased to see what she thought was a realistic and general view of his life and assets.

Then Domina had him assess what he could offer others, as a leader. And how he could serve his community, either as a mentor or in some charitable act. How much time and energy he had to offer others. What resources in wealth and property he had to offer them. But not at the cost of he himself having a quality life. This work wasn’t meant to make him a wandering monk or starving artist. Just to look around and see how he could serve those around him.

Domina was pleased to see he had a good sense of what was possible. So the next thing she asked of him was a plan to implement these things. Sub saw she was deadly serious about this. And wondered aloud if she intended to do the same exercise. Domina thought for a minute, then said yes. Fully meaning it. She couldn’t hold herself above him by refusing this specific task. So she set about to do her work and showed it to him for suggestions as he had to her.

They gave each other 2 weeks to implement the plan and set a reporting date for every 2 months, to see if there were any issues.

And put the file aside till then. For now, pride was done. To be revisited at a later date.

Domina thought they deserved a reward and set about planning a party now that all the sins were done. They invited the sisters and their subs over for a high protocol dinner. A CFnm party of course. Domina and her subs started looking forward to the party and shopping hit the top of the list. But it was for their community, for their friends. So though not exactly charitable, it was shared among their own. So nobody felt any guilt over it. Least of all Domina and her sub that had gone on this journey together.


It was Pride that changed angels into devils; it is humility that makes men as angels. – St. Augustine

entitlement, narcissism *delusions of grandiosity”, privilege, pride vs self confidence – debasement of self vs masochism
human rights, decency, codes, position, power – Why do you feel you are owed more than your fair share of the resources that belong equally to everyone? (biases of gender, sexual orientation, class, race, age…)
violence, self defence – Why do you feel your life, your needs, have more value than someone else’s?
Situational ethics or situation ethics takes into account the particular context of an act when evaluating it ethically, rather than judging it according to absolute moral standards.


Self-interest refers to actions that elicit personal benefit. Economist Adam Smith was primarily the first person to study self-interest in economics, leading to his Invisible Hand Theory.


Thomas Hobbes famously said that in a “state of nature”, human life would be “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short”. In the absence of political order and law, everyone would have unlimited natural freedoms, including the “right to all things” and thus the freedom to plunder, rape and murder; there would be an endless “war of all against all” (bellum omnium contra omnes).


John Locke and Jean Jacques Rousseau said we gain civil rights in return for accepting the obligation to respect and defend the rights of others, giving up some freedoms to do so


Leo Tolstoy argued that anarchism must be nonviolent since it is, by definition, opposition to coercion and force, and that since the state is inherently violent, meaningful pacifism must likewise be anarchistic.


Henry David Thoreau “The question is not about the weapon, but the spirit in which you use it.”


Niccolo Machiavelli proposed that immoral behavior, such as dishonesty and the killing of innocents, was normal and effective in politics. He also notably encouraged politicians to engage in evil when it would be necessary for political expediency.


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