Dommie and the Sex Emporium (a story)

Dommie and the Sex Emporium

Just walking in the door made Dommie’s hormones elevate. And that seemed to be true for a lot of the women here. It was ladies’ day at the alternative market. So most of the crowd were women. And of those who came with a man, most of the men were wearing a collar and chain.

There were all kinds of femdom sex toys and possibilities to explore. And Dommie was enjoying looking at them all.

And that was just the front rooms. Dommie heard music coming from a few back rooms. So she went exploring to see what was going on.

In the first room, there was a male strip act. And Dommie noted the ladies of the house were screaming and hooting. They were quite happily putting singles into jock straps and t-bags. Security was busy cuzz some of the ladies were a bit out of control. So Dommie didn’t stay long. Though it was a good vibe!

In another room, there was a CD cabaret. You had the fun of seeing them lipsync to Reba, Shania, Celine, Cher, Rhiannon, Bette, Babs… just to name a few. And Dommie noted that some of the guys actually looked like the stars they were emulating. So she sat and watched them hamming it up for the audience. It was a lot of fun!

And there was a back room where you could play with a few house slaves. The usual femdom equipment was there for people to enjoy and the slaves were quite cute. So the single ladies could enjoy their services. It seemed the spanking benches were the most utilized furniture of all of them. Dommie just wandered thru the room to see who was there. In case friends had shown up. But not atm. So she left the ladies to their play and wandered back to the main area.

They had a fashion show on now. And lady or slave could be seen in a full outfit. From leather, vinyl, pvc, pleather, fur, faux fur… and who knows what else was on display. So Dommie made note of a few special outfits, for her and a sub in her stable. He had been really good this month and deserved a treat. Dommie knew he didn’t have much money for kit. So she wanted to give him something he’d remember her by, long after their relationship was over. They were just exploring things of mutual interest, not really in it for the long haul.

Finally when Dommie thought she had seen all she wanted to see, she gathered her purchases and went to the main cash desk to pay for them. Finally she met a friend, so they found a few chairs and chatted for a bit. Just to catch up.

Then Dommie left. It had been a fun few hours, and she was looking forward to using what she had bought. She loved events like this.

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