He Wanted Me to be His Queen (erotic?)

He Wanted Me to be His Queen

And he had shopped for just the perfect chairs for our play. But he wasn’t sure if he could actually do what he found was required for a subbie in that “game”. So I decided to start on lighter tasks. Introduce him slowly.

I wore a long loose skirt, since we weren’t that intimate. So all he could see looking up was my groin and anal areas. It detached him from me somewhat. And I felt less exposed.

He got underneath the chair. And I sat on it. And adjusted my skirts so he could access what was needed.

For his first lesson, I just made sure he had odours, vs fluids to work with. He was instructed to rim me after I had just used the toilet. So he might get a drop or two. But no actual flood. And I also had eaten some spicy beans recently, so I was pretty sure he’d get some wind. But no actual discharge.

I could hear him lapping away, and the occasional grunt. He was only hesitant for the first few laps. So I figured he was getting used to what he would endure. And yes, there was some wind. I couldn’t detect odour, so I figured it couldn’t be too horrific for him. And he was continuing. So he must be still enjoying his efforts. I know it was starting to excite me…

Then he gave the sign we had agreed to, when I would let the bit I had left in my bladder go. Not enough to drown him at all. I could still hear him lapping.

I could feel myself letting more than the urine go, as I was relaxed and getting his tonguework. And I heard him grunting more and lapping faster.

When I rose from the chair, I saw his face. He was smiling. So I had made his first journey pleasant for him. And not too bad for me either. He felt proud of his accomplishments and I was satisfied.queening chair collage

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