While the Bunnies Played (a story)

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While the Bunnies Played

Bunnies love hunting for treats. And that is why they began the tradition for humans. It might have started with them digging up carrots and playing footie with lettuce balls. But they caught on that humans really aren’t into those.

So they left little chocolates. At first the humans were kind of grossed out… I mean who wants things that look like rabbit turds? #amiright?? So they shaped the chocolate into eggs. Then the humans caught on and enjoyed the gifts. And the bunnies knew they had won when the humans actually ate them. Hunted for more. #likelittleaddicts!

The bunnies thought they were making a connection with the humans…till the next day after Easter was over, the humans got out the stew pot again. #lesigh! All that work for nothing. #bunnyfuneralrites!

So the bunnies got back to their own games and made more bunnies. Maybe next year the humans would understand? #wherethereislifethereishope!

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