Q – a common struggle? – POC and women

Q – a common struggle? – POC and women

When I hear songs like:
Ball of Confusion-1970
The Temptations
What’s Going On-1971
Marvin Gaye
Strange Fruit-1939
Billie Holliday

and think back to the timing and what was happening then and why they were probably written, or said to be written.

When I compare them to the movements going on then:
Civil rights’ movement
Black Panthers
Martin Luther King Jr
Malcolm X

and consider how many of the same things are going on today that were going on then. I wonder if there has been progress?

And when you consider that the rights of women (chattel to personhood) and people of colour (slave to personhood) are on a similar path and time table, against the same institutions and power structures, and seem to have stalled in the same ways, I have to ask why we haven’t been working together more?

2 thoughts on “Q – a common struggle? – POC and women

  1. Before the 1980s, there were national and organic communities.
    Even in the cities.

    The beat was a generation and youth subculture.
    It has liberated national and social communities.
    And all this liberation and emancipation process was inspired by this feeling.

    Today, the feeling of community is missing.
    The Individual only able to influence itself, but not for society or power politics.

    It only affects the money, the money from the scratch (air money).

    The state of the community is only vegetating.
    The deep state is prospering. What people have no effect on.


    1. I love some of the poets that came from the Beat era. Yes community does seem to be lost to some nirth Americans. Just keep in mind that in many metropolises, there are first generation immigrants who still adhere to their origin attachments. So community still exists.

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