Different Thinking Leads to Different Opinions

Different Thinking Leads to Different Opinions

I get into a lot of debates on the web. In fact, I have moderated a debate board. Most of the time, the debates are friendly and informative. And a lot of fun, honestly. We act like adults and either come to an agreement, or we agree to disagree.

We don’t call each other names or attack the other person. And we all have a positive experience.

Without assigning blame, there are people I find it easier to debate with than others. Not because they’re wrong and I’m right… (ahem) But because we think in different ways.
You could blame it on our opinions, but it’s more than that. Just like some people are good at math and science and some are good at art and music. It’s the way we think that makes us good at what we have talents in. And it also frames our opinions. And maybe even the ferosity behind them.

I see people absolutely lose their cool and get nasty. Because they presume their opponent is not listening, or not willing to listen to their opinion. And it’s more likely they can’t than that they’re being stupid or mean. Being unable to leads to mutual frustration. And there is where the tempers flare up.

If you don’t know where someone is coming from in their style of thought, then you probably should take a breath and not presume they’re out to get you. Or maybe you could try changing your lingo, because not everyone has the exact same experience, education or language/ cultural references, since we come from different areas and are different ages as well.

Maybe if we do that, we can chill a little on the nastiness that gets into some of the arguments.

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types of thought
cognitive biases


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