The Sacred Feminine – The Path of the Goddess.

The Sacred Feminine – The Path of the Goddess

She is the creator of the world .
She has a bird or flower come to her and lay between her legs and from her loins, all of the world is born. All the forms of creation, known to humanity and those behind the veil. Some you may call fae or fairy. Some you may call angel and devil, some you may call gods. And the world as we know it begins. Because she exists.
She is the dark mother , the one who has always been, who will always be.
She is in the earth, yet not of the earth, She is in the air, yet not of the air. She is in the water, yet not of the water.
She is the mother, of us all and cares for us. Nurtures us and protects us.
She is the warrior. . Fierce and fine. Gathering her forces to protect her dear ones.
She is young and agile, strong and energetic. Her season is one of growth and verve. Imagination and innocence.
She is the maiden, the mother, and the crone and comes to you in the form needed to address your invocation. In the form you will understand.
She is your guide on your shamanic journey , or as you heal and care for those you love as a wise woman .
She is there as you perform the sacred marriage in celebration of the seasons of time and space. In celebraton of nature and the divine.
She comes to you when you need to feel the Goddess within,
She is there while you live and when you die. . She eases your journey into the afterlife. And guides your soul thru it’s next incarnations.
She is with you thru everything you can go thru in your feminine state and beyond. She meets you where you are and takes you where you must go
She is the Goddess you need, when you need her.
Blessed be.

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