a different kind of Christmas (erotica)

A different kind of Christmas

Last night had been the do for Mike and his kids. And then he had sent them off with his ex to her parents’ place. And he was prepared for his first Christmas alone. He said he didn’t want to do anything but lay back and relax. But Holly knew he wasn’t looking forward to his first Christmas without them. He had always made Christmas about them, his ex and the kids. And now there was no one to make the day special for.
So Holly decided Mike needed a lesson in receiving…
She spent most of the eve before hiding little surprises for him at her place. And arranging clues for him to find. Christmas was getting a touch of Easter. With an egg hunt of sorts. Adult style. There were edible undies, body paint, candles, massage oils… sensual aids to get him thinking of things he might like to do instead of laying around feeling sorry for himself. Realizing that lovers can have a great day alone and be a gift to each other. Maybe that was a long distant memory from before he had kids? Or maybe he’d never had this kind of Christmas before? But Holly had and she was going to share it with him.
She begged him to come over for a snack at her place. Mike almost said no, but then his giving nature came thru… for her sake. And he showed up. With a bottle of wine and some chocolates he’d managed to find in his place and wrapped. Holly blew him a kiss as she ran into the kitchen for the snack he was expecting.
Mike started with the “Hope you’re not making a fuss” speech he often began with when she cooked for him. And she said something along the lines of “the food is nothing special, not to worry, Mike!” And it wasn’t. Just a Christmas antipasto plate. Left over turkey, made into a Monte Christo sandwich and a pie she’d gotten from the grocer’s bakery. So he relaxed and ate, joking around with her. Holly was glad to see him act as if he was having fun.
But she knew he could do better.
When they were done eating, she kissed him like lovers do. And she saw the glint come into Mike’s eyes. He tried to grab her, but she skipped away. For a second she let him feel confused. Let him think he wasn’t going to get laid.
Then she handed him the note that held the first clue to the hunt. And the game was afoot!
Under cushions; behind drapery; behind knick-knacks; under her bed; in a few closets… he found things that sparked his imagination more of how they could get some joy out of this day. And she saw a genuine grin come over his face. Now he was ready. And Holly kissed him again.
Mike dragged her onto the bed. But she easily talked him into letting himself be tied, spread-eagled. She put the panties onto him and started to tease the eff out of his hide. Using the gifts she had hidden. Until Mike was squirming and begging for release.
Fnally she released the binds and he grabbed her and banged into her like she was made of concrete. Good thing she was soaked and ready for him!
Even as aroused as Mike had been, he still managed to wait till she was cumming before he began to shoot inside her. It was enough to bring another genuine smile from him. And they both tapped out in each others’ arms and napped till this Christmas day that had begun with such sad thoughts was officially over. Mike now understood he could receive and enjoy the day as much or more than just giving had given him. Just by having a different, adult play partner for the day.

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