Diarama (a story)


The ladies of the club had been kicking around new ideas for something to do to raise money for renovations. I mean they weren’t the bake sale or crafts corner types…

They thought of having the subbies joust in a ren-fair or put on a play like those of the Shakespearean era, where men played women’s roles. Then one of the ladies thought of the diarama idea and that was voted in.

The subbies were to basically play a game of naked statues. They could only move if ordered and as ordered. The bidders or ticket holders got a chance to play dominant over men they couldn’t typically get near. The subbies could be made to be rude or crude to themselves or the other subbies. They could even be requested to engage in sex acts. But only as edging , teases.

Each ticket holder pulled a name of a subbie from a hat and had a chance to work with them, till someone made a believable doll of that subbie. Which considering the skill of the craftsperson, was usually about 10 minutes. They did have to make the ticket holders take turns to be fair to the craftsperson though. They could only do one at a time after all. So the diarama took most of the evening to make.

When each subbie had a doll made of them, they posed with it for a picture, then the doll was put in the diarama and the game began in ernest. Now the ticket holders could use the doll as their way to order the subbies’ movements. It became quite hilarious and had their owners laughing at the antics of their subbies, who were usually so well behaved and rehearsed in their service dynamic. Though easily led by their owners, they were aping and skittish with the ticketholders. Everyone had desolved into a fit of giggles.

They did raise a good amount of money for the reno projects. So they all were happy with the day’s work.

A few of the ladies made an extra bid for the doll of their fave subbie and got a picture of the real subbie with their doll and the winning bidder. As a memento of the day.

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