the whys of aftercare choices 101

the whys of aftercare choices 101

You have spent a lot of energy and your endorphins have yoyoed for some time, so you need something to settle yourself down.

If you eat or drink. be sure it’s in tiny sips and nothing you have to consciously chew. In case you’re in shock, it’d be easier for you to (non consensually and not for fun) choke. Before you put anything in their/your mouth be sure you are fully conscious!!

  • chocolate (soft or milk) –

needed to replace your blood sugars and a quick energy for you

  • water –

to replace the water from sweat and tears

  • blanket –

Your body temp was up and a sudden decrease could make you ill, affect your consciousness (you could faint)

  • cuddles (skin to skin works best for body temp adjustment)-

& to remember that you are close to the person who was just mistreating you.

there are exceptions to every rule, and you do know yourself best. But some things said are sound advice from the POV of first aid.

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