on her wedding day (a story)

Charlotte had spent a fortune for this day and so had her parents. It was her first wedding. He wasn’t her first choice, but he sure was the best one. He loved her in a way that protected both of them. Kept them both sane. And that was something she appreciated more and more as each day went by in their relationship.
She wanted to make him proud. She wanted to honour him. He was a good man.
Charlotte kept getting the feeling like something was about to go wrong though. She couldn’t put her finger on what was giving her that feeling though. So she went thru the check list.
Her friends and family were thrilled they were getting married, and so was his side. He had just sent her a choker of pearls to wear with the dress. They had talked about it before, but he wanted to surprise her with it on the day. So she hadn’t actually seen it before. It was gorgeous and fit perfectly with her neckline. So she sent a text to him telling him that she was so happy and a picture of her with just the choker on. He sent a gobsmacked emoji back. And she laughed. They had followed the old tradition of a groom not being able to see the bride in her dress. Just for good luck.
Her ladies in waiting had made sure she had the something old, new, borrowed, and blue things.
They had spent the night at their parents’ houses instead of at their apt.
They were having a church wedding and had done all the counselling with the clergy they could.
Everything luck-wise had been done.
But still she had a bad feeling. Maybe it was the way her ex-boyfriend had talked when he rang her the other night? Like he didn’t get why they were no longer together. Why she had him blocked on all her social media accounts. Why her family and friends did too.
And why when he called, she had had her phone replaced with a new one with a number change. But she was still worried…
And Charlotte was right to be.
Just as she and her father were ready to walk up the aisle to the bridal song…
She saw her ex’s face and heard him say… [Wait!!][https://youtu.be/8ZNDrA45GfQ]

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