new at love (a story)

A first love… the excitement, the passion, the rush. It’s all so thrilling. Being new at love. Better if it’s someone who is right for you. Someone who is in the same head space as you. Two people being new at love together.
But that wasn’t the way it was. Zack and Yvonne were miles apart. Years apart. But that would have been ok, if Zack had been a different type of man. More patient. More wired toward teaching by just allowing things to unfold and guiding only where needed. Less oppressive.
But Zack isn’t like that. He loves fresh meat. He wants to be their first. It gives him a thrill.
And maybe it would have been ok if Yvonne were more street wise. She could have at least ridden out what became emotional abuse, to her at least. He knew she was new. So how could he reasonably expect her to be educated in the ways of love and sex?
At first, she took it. The undermining language. The looks of disappointment in his eyes, when she didn’t perform the way he had wanted. The criticism. Even punishment, really. He’d slap her when she failed to grasp what he wanted. Even though he didn’t fairly show or tell her how. He expected her to grasp things she’d never known, by intuiton. Or just submit to his will.
Yvonne started asking her older sisters and her friends questions about their relationships. And even a few guy friends. To get the male POV. She started to realize that Zack was being cruel. It wasn’t just her being new either. He was out of order.
With that, she started to stand up for herself and Zack became colder and more distant. Instead of realizing he was in the wrong. According to him, he was the experienced one. She need to grasp what love was. His way of loving.
But was that love? If he wanted fresh meat, then he needed to give them a chance to catch up, didn’t he? Or get a more experienced woman.
The day came when Yvonne told Zack that she couldn’t take it anymore. That things had to change. Or for her own sanity, she’d have to leave.
He just looked at her…
Yvonne said, “say something, I’m giving up on you” . But Zack turned his back on her and ignored her.
Till she walked out of the house. She was dead to him. Their time together had never happened. Yvonne was left to pick up the pieces of her heart and put things into the right perspective.
It took her a good long while, but she did find a man who treated her well.
And Zack? Far as I know, he’s going from fresh meat to fresh meat, trying to find his trainable foil. Or should I say fool?

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