beyond good and evil… missile strikes pending

beyond good and evil …missile strikes pending

Blame it on shows like
Charmed and

I don’t think that good and evil is a divine concept. I’m pretty sure it was built in the day when humanity was superstitious. When they told monster stories to keep their kids near the campfire. It is what they had to tell themselves to explain a universe that was out of their control. (I’m not sure that day is over). It is why they practiced magic. It is why magic bred science.
I think/believe that the gods are something beyond good and evil. And that idea is what makes me enjoy shows like the above, because they often deal with concepts that are beyond good and evil. And they show how easily the line between the two is blurred, even by the divine. They also often had the demons and angels working together for a greater purpose.
And how sometimes, believing in the linear concepts can in fact lead to more evil than considering the divine as something larger does. If humanity created that concept and the gods were there only to breed us and create our universe, then I also have to wonder how much they really do intrude into our lives. Perhaps they’re off creating a new multiverse, and don’t even know what is going on here today.
If it is our concept, how do we get beyond it and start seeing the broader picture? How do we let go of the monsters and treat each other with more compassion and empathy? More understanding?
Those are the things I ponder as we seem to be heading toward yet another conflict. Since Trump (USA, UK and France) has just authorized missile strikes against Syria. Supposedly to reduce the possiblity of chemical warfare. Yet Trump is always after Syria. This just seems like another petty excuse for his/their bigotry to me. I guess if you poke the bear often enough, you get them a bit panicky and stock piling weapons. Then you get to go after them for having the weapons. Didn’t Bush do this too? (rhetorical question, cuzz you know he did, right?)
What do you get to do in the name of being holy… good… right… without being seen as the evil you fear? I guess that is the largest question of all in this. on the eve of yet another campaign.

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