peg aint a lady’s name here (erotica)

Peg aint a lady’s name here

Brad had been waiting all day for his dream to come true, and hoped it actually
would, as he wanted it. The fantasy kept playing thru his mind as he got ready.
First he did some manscaping. He knew this domme liked a bit of hair and mustaches were cool, but not too much. And he wanted to please her. So he paid attention to his grooming.
He knew he did not want any accidents, so he gave himself an enema, early in the day. And ate very lightly afterwards. He didn’t have much feces to spare, cuzz he was regular as clockwork. This was just a precaution. He had some gas and a bit of pressure in his belly afterwards, but it was soon over.
When he was sure he had succeeded at cleaning himself out, he showered and made sure any sweat odours were gone. Then he put gel in his hair, so he felt neat and clean.
He gathered his supplies; the cage, the condom catheter, the rope and put them in a bag for the appt,
And then he dressed. He wanted to look good for her. Brad was a pleaser that way.
He walked out to his car and made sure he had remembered everything before he pulled out of the parking spot at his condo. And drove to her place.
Brad was surprised when she ran out to the car, and was worried that plans had changed.
She told him to drive to a renovated warehouse and park in front of the loading bay doors. Brad’s head drooped and he thought the fantasy would happen another night. And he tried to be ok with that. But he was disappointed. To say the least.
When he went inside, he saw there were a bunch of men in the center of the main area. And a bunch of women formed a circle around them.
His domme told him to strip. One of the men gave him a hand putting the catheter and cage on. Then one tied him into a fetal position. It appeared he would be getting some attention afterall, but he just wasn’t sure how much and by whom. But since his domme was sitting with the other ladies, he was pretty sure it wasn’t by her.
And he was right.
Next Brad was blindfolded. Then he felt someone lubing up his anal area, inside and out.
First he felt plastic inside his butthole. Gently sliding in and out. Then when he was nice and relaxed, he felt the change to skin. Bareback. He counted on his domme picking clean men, and trusted that it would all be ok. He noticed that more than one guy was using him, and none came inside him. It was going to be a dry night.
Finally, he felt the switch to plastic again. And he heard a bunch of the people get dressed and leave.
He heard his domme’s voice as she thanked everyone for participating and saying goodbye.
He felt her arms come around him and she wrapped him in a blanket. Then she took off the blindfold. She asked if he was ok and he nodded. He was very tired and a bit sore, but ok yes.
She put a strap on and pushed it into his butthole. Then kissed him as she fucked him with the dildo. Brad was really enjoying seeing the pleasure in her eyes. Esp when she came.
He smiled at her and relaxed. His domme untied him and let him remove the catheter and cage.
Brad felt himself getting hard, now that he could. She gave him permission to masturbate, so he did. But when he got really close to shooting, she snapped her fingers against his tip. Bloody hell that hurt! And it succeeded in stopping his orgasm.
But in an odd way, he had never felt so satisfied.
His domme put a glove on and her fingers entered his anus. She stimmed his prostate until he was climbing the walls. She stopped and started a few times. Till she knew he was so super sensitive.
Finally she allowed him to cum. And cum and cum. And held him thru it. Until he almost lost consciousness in her arms.
Then she cuddled him again and asked if he was happy with the way his fantasy of being pegged had worked out.
He smiled and nodded weakly and fell asleep in her arms. She let him nap, then woke him to being kissed. For a moment, he wondered what she wanted. It seemed she wasn’t quite finished.
His domme retied and blindfolded him again and he felt a really thick arm being inserted into his butthole, slowly. Inch by inch. He felt his legs shaking and his stomach cramping. But he gritted his teeth until his body adjusted to the sensations. He’d never had anything so large inside him. And he wasn’t sure whether or not he liked it. Till a finger started to massage behind his testicles. Then he felt so good, he was glad she had arranged this as well.
He felt a cock beside his mouth, seeming to ask for permission to enter, so he started to lick and suck the tip. Then slowly allowed it entrance into his mouth, then throat. He was so turned on, he felt himself cum again. He couldn’t even tell where one ended and the next began. If he stopped at all. It was so good.
This time he did lose consciousness and was woken to spunk being splattered all over his face.
A cloth cleaned his face and he was let loose of the blindfold and rope again. He and his domme were alone again. And he was still lightly spasming and cramping. But he had a big grin spreading over his face.
His domme smiled back. and tenderly carressed his face as she kissed him once more. Then she told him to get dressed.
He followed her instructions and they went out to his car. She drove him home, then asked him if he was ok to be alone. He said yes. So she left.
Brad was thrilled with how things had gone. Even though it wasn’t at all what he had thought about all day as he waited for his time with her.
Brad wanted this to happen again. He was glad she was pleased with it too.
It was a really good thing for him to remember and look forward to again.

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