the stable’s sexcapades (erotica)

The Stable’s Sexcapades : Party Night

I had invited a few friends over, with their bois, for a fun evening of booze and food. And some sex hijinks as well. We had all played before, so the dommes agreed hooch was tolerable. Esp amongst us ladies, as we’d mostly be viewing. But the bois could have a little dutch courage, if they wished. A glass of wine with dinner. Even if they had to lap it out of their doggie bowls, in some cases.

We divided the bois into a few groups:

  • there were a few bois who were incredible dancers.

So they had the fun of putting on a strip show for us. We ladies do love our howling and hooting over dingalings that flop when they dance. We teased them about their pkgs and made them blush. There of course had to be some helicopters flown. A few of the bois had sexy costumes. Cop, cowboy, you know. But there was one who decided to go all Victorian and looked like a proper gent of the era, till he was finished stripping. He earned a nice tip, he did. In his top hat.

  • there were a few bois who were madly oral sluts.

So we paired them up and watched them have their fun. Just teasing though! They weren’t allowed to make each other cum. Most of them were on restrictions.

  • We put a few into an anal daisy chain.

It actually looked sort of like a fan. We went short to tall, just so it looked pretty as they screwed each other. (I know, weird. But aesthetics are important when you want to view as well IMO)

  • We had a flogging area.

Some of the ladies were happy to take up a whip or a flogger. But in some cases, they had another boi provide the brawn so they could watch.

  • there was an area for sex toy teasing

These bois had cages on and found out how many things could get inside to tease them. But the cage didn’t allow them to get erect. And it didn’t stop us from using them anally.

  • there was an area for wax and fire play

For our hardiest of bois. Who would have been bored if they spent the night doing the other things, with no reward. One of the dommes was happy to give a demo on proper procedure, before we got a chance to practice under her supervision.

A few of the toys, dolls and pups were left beside their domme or mistress, to help them out if their panties were getting too wet. It was cute, watching a bunch of tailed boys bobbing their heads under the ladies’ skirts.
A fun time was had by all the ladies and some of the bois even got to blow a load. Though they did get their balls slapped and in one case punched for their troubles.
We happily and groggily ended the night when the ladies were ready for their beds. They gathered their own bois and headed for their houses.
And I gave a few bois the task of hosing the place down (well not quite literally, but close lol ). We planned on gathering together again soon.
A fun night was had by all 😉

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