a deal with the devil (a story)

A Deal with the Devil (a story)

Maybe you wouldn’t see my life as that bad. But I did. Yes I have a job, a kid, an SO and a roof over my head. Stability. Security. Monotony 😦
I wanted so much more.
So I looked for a way to get it. Either it would take me years, or unlimited money that I didn’t have.
I went to my coven and asked about a Faustian contract. There was only one who would even discuss it with me. She had friends outside the coven who dabbled in the dark arts. So she took me to their next meeting.
We talked about how you raise a demon, how you chain it to your service and how you protect yourself. Because the one thing you could count on for sure was; that there was always a catch. Besides the whole thing about your soul being theirs, of course.
One of the women seemed to know the most, so I went with her for some training before I began to cast the spells.
You know the usual… pentagram, salt line, making the right potions and writing the spell so there were no loop holes for the devil to slip thru.
I was not looking to be oppressed by the devil who was supposed to be serving me. It was hard enough dealing with human men who thought they could control me. I don’t deal well with that shit!
So we practiced. We brought forward some minor spirits before the big night.
The group gathered more women around before we began.
The demon came forward and asked me what I wanted…power, wealth or wisdom. I figured with wisdom, I could get the other two. So that’s what I asked for.
There was a flash. (What a show off, huh?)
The outer edge of the circle of women got darker. All we could see was ourselves and the demon.
A couple women started chanting a protection spell and added their crystals to a line, just inside the salt. Adding more wards to those already in place.
But it was still like there was nothing but us. Like we had slipped thru a veil somehow.
The devil and I reached our agreement on what wisdom meant. And by whose authority I would reach that wisdom or be tested for it. Would it be the places of higher education, like colleges or universities? Or would it be churches or temples, something in religion?
I went with higher education. I figured even religious leaders would respect a well learned person, but it would be unlikely that the reverse would be true. There was another flash.
The devil was starting to pay attention to me. I guess he thought my choices were sound.
He asked if there was a field or subject that I wanted to be wise in. I thought for a moment, then said biology. It left me more open than most other fields and was well respected by many fields. The third flash. And the darkness began to break thru the circle of women. They clasped hands and all chanted and asked for their guides to protect us all. I could see wisps of something outside the circle. But it was hard to tell what they were made of. Maybe spirits? I hoped they were on our side, if they were there.
He asked if there was anything else I wished for. I said no.
He chanted some words in demon language and there was another flash.
Then only he and I were visible to me.
The circle I could see grew larger and I realized I was in an unfamiliar place. I asked where I was. He said about 10 miles from where we had begun. I asked why. He said it was because it was easier to access the aether. Ok maybe.
I asked if he was satisfied with our deal. He said yes and asked if I was. I said as far as I could see. It was a very good thing I said that, but it was a phrase that was common to my area.
He took his bows.
I figured I could walk the 10 miles. The weather was temperate. So I noted the north star and began walking… Walking and walking.
Over 10 miles later, I called to the demon and asked where I was. He said I was at the corner of where I used to live. My jaw dropped. There were no bldgs at all! I asked what was wrong.
He said that I hadn’t asked the time. The era. Ok then smart ass… when is this? He grinned. I shook. He had found a loop hole. I was in the century before Christ. I was full of wisdom about biology, but in an era no woman would be seen as anything but an elder or witch. Not a scholar. And I’d be paid in chickens or goats, not in thousands of dollars. Son.of.a.bitch!!
And he disappeared again. Refusing to answer my call.
So I said the words that undid the spell. The ones I had practiced so often. Because you cannot trust a demon, right?
I found myself under the shade of my bldg. I went inside and called the coven. They were really glad to hear from me. After the story was told, we decided that if this ever was done again, we’d be calling for another demon.
I went to bed and had nightmares about being modern day wise, in the time before Christ. I didn’t sleep long at all.

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