the twue dominant’s home








The Twue Dominant’s Home

He finally had his home set up just perfectly for his convenience. He loved the furniture so much and had it laid out so he could get to his favourite things easily and quickly. And he could be comfortable.
He loved to read and watch TV, so there was a cozy nook for each of these activities. Full of curvy furniture, that felt a bit weird, but it suited him.
He usually felt alone in his house, till he heard a giggle or a sneeze. And now and then a fart that HE didn’t pass. So he’d clear his throat, command-fully. And all would be quiet again. Back to just the furniture and him.
He’d eat at the table, read in a chair and watch TV on his divan. Which also doubled as his bed.
He had such a good life. Since he had worked hard to have all these nice things, he had a cleaner come in twice a week to take care of the pieces he had gathered in his home.
What a perfect life!
Now and then he had a few fellow dominants over to play cards, just so he could show off what he had worked so hard for. And since they always complimented him, he was proud of his home.
Yes, it was a very satisfying feeling indeed. He was a very content man.


human furnitureBeFunky Collage.jpg

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