stuffies (fiction)


Teddy Bear

He was sitting on the shelf, where his little girl had left him for a long time. Crying. So sad, so lonely.
He tried to play with the dollies she liked so much, but they kept kicking his shins at the tea table. It appears teddies don’t have good table manners, according to dollies. Well he did have more jam on him than in his tummy. He had needed a bath.
He tried playing with the soldiers her brother collected, but all they wanted to do was march and practice war games’ strategy. Whenever a teddy marches, he falls down on his rump. And the soldiers laughed at him, till he hung his head and went back to the shelf.
He tried playing with the other stuffies, but they didn’t seem to have as much to say as his little girl did. So he couldn’t do his favourite thing, which was to listen. He missed his little girl’s voice so much.
He had tried to listen to her brother, but he had lost an arm in the attempt. He had a new one sewn back on by their mother.
Teddy bear’s heart got darker and darker as he got sadder and lonelier without her talking to him. The few times a year she could be bothered paying attention to him now, he snarled at her. Till he got used to being in her arms again.
But one night, she came and he had nothing for her but snarls.
She called him a bad bear and put him on the shelf again. How was it his fault?
He reached behind himself and turned off the battery. No point being on, if there was nothing for him in this big mean world.


She was a gifted giver, she was. Even among unicorn stuffies. She had plenty of goodies to share and it seemed like there was always more being made. So she never thought of a day when she didn’t have enough.
Until she met this one little boy and girl…
If she gave a hug or a candy treat to one, she had to give two to the other. But that didn’t work because then the other was upset. Yet if she gave none to either, then they were both upset. (so was she) It just seemed like they were both starving for candy and hugs.
Being constantly on demand though, reduced her sugar supply for the candy and her love supply for the hugs. She became a darker unicorn. She stomped her feet and neighed in rage. Like a very wild stallion.
She began to regret agreeing to be their unicorn stuffie…
What could she do?
She asked her mother for ideas. But she had never heard of such a thing as a unicorn drying up. So she thought she’d come along and try her more mature hand at candy and hugs. It did no good. Mother unicorn was stumped and exhausted by the end of the day.
She asked her father. He had no advice either. He thought maybe a masculine touch was needed. So he came along for a day and came away feeling exhausted as well.
The unicorn family went to the unicorn elders and asked for advice.
The elders held a meeting. One of them had heard of this before. It was something called “jealousy”. She came along to sniff it out and see the signs for herself. So she could report back to the other elders.
Yes, it seemed that’s what it was. A severe case of jealousy.
After the report, the elders came to meet the little boy and girl, to see if they could help. They handed out treats and hugs till among all the unicorns, there was not one left.
Yet the little boy and girl were still starving… Like they had a black hole in their soul.
Worried for the young unicorn, the elders broke their agreement where she was their stuffie and took the unicorn with them.
All they could do was pray for the little boy and girl. They had to take care of their own. So in a special place in the unicorn library, there is a book about “jealousy” and it’s affects on unicorns. How it’s best just to walk away when you find it. For the sake of the unicorns.
The young unicorn was kept with the elders till she healed from this hurt, then sent back home with her mom and dad. She never went out to the human world again.


She was a good pup, really. But such an excitable creature. She’d go from scattering around yipping, to splayed out on the floor whining.
And he would go around chasing his tail, humping on any people’s legs and bothering her with his attention. And she’d lay there afterwards, crying like her heart broke. He’d look at her like she had kicked him in the nuts and join her crying. Till his tail caught his interest again and the cycle began again.
Only interrupted by eating, sleeping for short spurts and walkies. Their owner took them out in a doll carriage for long walkies. It was fun sitting in the carriage, looking at the sky and all the people who were close by. He wanted to get out and hump their legs, but their owner had tied him too carefully.
Whether it was at their home, or their day kreche, the stuffies spent their day, and half their night, living the exact same way. And were mostly happy. I mean they were stuffies after all! What else would you expect them to want or need?
Now and then they woke up from a puppy dream… running on the beach; chasing rabbits thru the woods; sniffing people’s buttholes and crotches to identify them. And attacking a great big, tubular steak as a treat. Even in their dreams, they were happy, mostly.
Except she had nightmares of a big puppy or cat chasing her down and paying her too much attention, leaving her crying. He’d hold her afterwards, tell her she was safe, then pay her attention. She’d howl and shriek at him and he’d go whining away from her.
And his nightmares were about a pack of stuffies circling him and biting and paying him attention. She’d comfort him and he’d pay her attenton so he knew he liked girl stuffies. And she’d wander off crying. He was always after her, no matter how she treated him! And she got sick of it one day and wandered away when the kreche lady wan’t looking.
Her owner and him looked high and low. The kreche lady called the cops. But she had found a good hiding place and didn’t come out till she realized she was hungry and didn’t have a way to get food on her own. Yeah she guessed the attention was the cost of her meal. And she let him sniff her to make sure that she was okay. The owner petted and chided her for wandering away. She just hung her head and went back to her normal day. A bit wiser, a bit sadder from now on. It was the life of a girl puppy stuffie after all. It was all she had known.

Tandem Snakes

a he and she that worked, played, slept, and ate together as a unit. They had been together all their lives and loved each other. They purred and bickered, but it was no big thing. Because they also massaged and rubbed each other in many special ways. They might have been separate beings, wild beings, but they were also a domesticated unit.
What worked best was the fact they never lost sight that they were a danger to each other. So they tred lightly when dealing with each other. Their respect was based partly on fear. They trusted, but only till verified. They loved, but only as long as they were treated right. And they knew they could not survive without the other. So there were limits and boundaries in their relationship.
Limits and boundaries only a snake would need. They didn’t treat each other like cats, just because they purred. They didn’t treat each other like humans, even though they bickered. They were snakes.
And though they loved to get dressed up, with their dry skin all lotioned up properly, they also understood their wild side needed to be let out often. Or their raging emotions and passions would explode.
If one stopped eating, the other stopped letting them cuddle. Because snakes stop eating when they are gauging the size of a new meal. That snake was kept at a very healthy distance till it started eating again.
If a mother had a nest of baby snakes, she kept the father back a bit from the nest. He was the hunter, not the nurturer. They were her eggs. So he protected her and the eggs.
They were a unit against the world. If there was a threat, either would lay their lives down for the other. They would support and protect each other against outsiders. They had a healthy respect/fear for outsiders.
Occasionally, they would join a nest of snakes like them, but it was usually if there was a threat. Otherwise they preferred to have their own little rock basin. Just for them.
Such was the life of a snake. Just being a snake. And by living thus, they were able to last for many generations. Never daring to believe that they were rulers of the world or other species. But just being good snakes.

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