she rode in a steeplechase

She was so excited…All she could feel was him between her legs. He was huffing and panting. His body was rippling as he strove to succeed. He wanted to please her and win. You’d think it was all about him, but she was guiding him with her knees and hips. Just a tender touch or two on the leather around his shoulder and neck. The last thing you should do is jerk the lead, or he might overshoot in his aim and ruin everything.
He weighed far more than her and she often wondered why he allowed her the control, but he did. It was so exciting. But with all the sweating and puffing they were both doing, neither had the spare energy to smile.
Both might fantasize about a longer time together, but it would just last minutes, no matter who bragged otherwise. It was pure adrenaline and so invigorating. So life affirming.
She could feel his every move, from her butt to her neck and it was driving her mad. She knew she would be sore tomorrow. There was no way she was skipping her shower tonight! If she had any hope of being able to walk tomorrow. Even though she was used to his energy and the way they rode together.
She was caught in a suspended time zone, where nothing else existed but the two of them. All she could hear was pounding. All she could feel was him moving between her legs. For just minutes…

Um you read the title, right? lol…

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