she was lead bitch

They crowded around her, followed her, like she was a bitch in heat. Drooling, and panting and getting under her feet. Till she put them in their harnesses and spoke sharply. Then they lined up and behaved.
She jiggled the lead line and they posed, waiting for her command. “Go!” And they were off. Trotting for the long race they had ahead of them. They had been training for years, they were bred for this. And today was the culmination of all that good work. All dozen dogs had been hand picked from her pack to race today. She had been sizing up the competition the past few days, so she was pretty sure these dogs would win her the race. Barring accident or injury.
It was all about endurance. These dogs had good strong shoulders and were about the same size, so they were pulling together. And they were used to training together too. 12 dogs, one human musher. She was in heaven and she hoped they had a bit of fun, since they liked running for hours, days. That’s why this breed was so good for racing.
At one point during the race, it began snowing. It got harder and harder for her to see. So she called out to her lead dog, and let her take the lead till she could see again. Her lead dog was used to the course and could literally do it blindfolded. She had in fact been trained to do just that. She got under the covers and let the dog have her head. She just kept the line tightish to keep the dogs doing their jobs. Working together. And enjoyed the feel of the sled moving over the snow. It was bliss.
At the end, she yelled at the lead dog to run, so they practically flew across the finish line. The dogs knew a snack waited for them at the kennel. And they were very hungry. So she felt their excitement pick up, even though she was sure they were as tired (or more) than she was.
She heard the man shout her number and perked her ears up to hear where she was placed. With the snow, she hadn’t been able to keep track of the other sleds as well as she hoped. He said, she was number 1. She ululated in glee and her team took it up with her. She grinned. The dogs rolled around in the fresh snow and waited for her to unleash them, so they could go eat and drink. Today, she planned on giving them an extra special treat. Their hard work had paid off 🙂


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