The Screw Up Kid

He was the kind who was a good boy till you kept insisting he wasn’t. Then he thought, aww fuck! and he reached for his first cigarette. So you caught him smoking and took him out behind the barn.
He’d get a look in his eye and swear you’d never catch him smoke a cigarette again.
Things would calm down a bit, between the young and older man. Tempers flare and fume then fizzle for a while…
Then you needed a whipping post, so off he’d go again to be what you needed. Good son that he was for his dad. He tried a beer. One of yours went missing one day. He had no way of knowing that you counted them. Off you chased him thru the fields and finally caught him. To the barn again.
Tempers flared and gone again.
Time passed and he saw you needed a release again. So he called a friend and got together to play a game of daring do. Who could get brought home in the back of his dad’s pal the cop’s car the fastest? You guessed it, the screw up kid struck again. Well if there was one thing you didn’t do to dad, it was call down the wrong kind of attention on his name! The screw up kid was getting the hang of this.
Back to the barn for a few lessons in being a good son and things were quiet for a while again.
With all that was going on in the home, dad needed more releases so the screw up kid manned up and took the hit. He got caught with his hands on a girl where no other man’s had been. The screw up kid saw that dad’s eyes were green in a way they had never been. But it was back to the barn again.
Awhile later, dad was getting ornery again, so the screwup kid went looking for trouble again. He found it in a gang. They hung out together and used drugs, till dad caught a whiff. His cop friend told him who hung out with his boy when he was working. This time though, instead of getting the same attention the screw ups had always caused before, the cop was told to take the wastrel off the farm. He had no use for such a bad kid. The screw up kid just screamed. I did mention dad’s name before, didn’t I?
He was carted off to a jail cell “for his own good” and dad took to fathering his next son.
The screw up kid went off to live the screw up life that used to get him his dad’s attention, but where dad was no where to be found.
He smoked, he drank, he shtupped anything that moved near him and did drugs till he landed in a coma for six months. He barely lived thru his screw up life. But even though dad heard, he didn’t take his son back home again. So he went to lands where fists were needed, cowboys and teamsters reigned, and lived the screw up life on the government’s dime as well. The screw up kid seemed not to care whether he lived or died.
In and out of jail and hospital, living the screwed up life, till a judge told him he was sick of seeing him. One more time and he could stay behind bars, the judge said.
So he went back to farm and hammers, till he got back into dad’s good graces again. He left the screwed up life for the most part and became his dad’s son again. Except he knew if his dad took him behind the barn again, it wouldn’t be his hind end that was blistering!
Boy was the moon a-changing!

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