Sent: Wednesday, April 29, 2015 at 10:11 PM

In the 1920’s we had the suffragettes, in the 1960’s we had the hippie movement.
In the two world wars we had women going into the factories to provide for their families and to make weapons and provisions for the war. Recently we have women re-entering conflict as paid labourers to the war machine.

HOWEVER, since the cave days, women have been working alongside men to gather food; maintain gardens; run trap lines; do the net maintenance; be skilled artisans for the tribe to trade for food and water rights; as well as the tradition of gifting in many indigenous cultures; and scrolling lines for fishing and trapping while the men did the brute work; protecting the children and elderly while the men were out of the settlement. All while enduring pregnancy, birthing and breastfeeding the babies, raising kids. And keeping the house clean and food on the table.

In many of the indigenous cultures the women were the wise, holy elders of the tribe, priestesses, healers, warriors and chieftans.

It is only in a world where brute strength is prized that women are excluded and not valued. It is only in that world that women MUST submit to a man. Other wise she is more readily the honoured one.

In a fertility temple her role is the bearer of life. In a death temple, she is the caretaker and wraps the bodies and attends the transition into the next life. In a mystery temple, she is intuitive and wiser than her male acolytes and supplicants as a direct result.

In the guilds of Europe she was ousted from her natural roles and reduced to a house wife and mother. But she did NOT take it easily or willingly. And the tides are turning.

Anyone who reduces her role in history to child birth, serving men and only working to pay for the family’s lifestyle underestimates her role in history. Anyone who suggests that only as a domme can we reclaim our alpha has no concept of the power a courtesan has in the education of children in other cultures. It is only in cultures where sex is vilified that the domme and courtesan are diminished to sex toys for men.

We are NOT subservient or substandard to men. For the sake of ourselves and our sisters we need to reclaim our true heritage and RISE!!

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