Sent: Monday, April 27, 2015 at 8:49 PM
Subject: SO WHAT IS SEX?

SENSATION- kissing, stroking, tickling, nibbling, biting, licking, scratching, grasping, pinching, spanking, sniffing
using your sensory organs to experience sexuality- your ears, eyes, nose, mouth/tongue, touch, skin, intuition/ non physical attachment and affection

POSITION AND BREATHING – to experience the different orifices and extend the orgasm (delay or refuse)

MAGICK – to connect with your partner and the divine and use sexuality as the route/means

RITES – scarification/ body modification per temple standards, the relationship between the priest/ess, the whore and the supplicant in a fertility temple

GOALS – to play, to mentor, to communicate, to worship, to procreate, to abuse and to overpower, to service and be subordinate, to woo or romance, to experience stimulation – pleasure and pain, numbness and distraction, to tease the senses, to seek orgasm or refuse it


DE SADE – His stories were full of experiences that were extremes of pain and death (but he did very little, yet paid much). Mostly a man or a group of men mistreated a woman or women. Though he was topped by his male servant anally,and orally serviced the servant also, most people equate sadism with a man topping and causing pain to a woman.

SACHER-MASOCH His mainly known tale was of a man who had a crush on a woman who wore furs and rode around in carriages. Who used him as a field and house servant and sold him. He contracted to give her everything, including his very life if she so desired. She got tired of playing with him and drove him/sold him away. Yet most people equate masochism as a woman being topped by a man.

Most erotica is about one topping another possibly two, maybe a flogging and nipple pinching, the occasional use of wax or a taser, drugs to subdue or group force, some form of service training to sexual slavery and the occasional urine bath.

A Dom/me, Master/Mistress is meant to teach and be a therapist for the sub/slave, not just a sex toy.

A street whore/courtesan was historically an educator to novices, an escort to unwed rich men and a therapist to the lonely and sexually disturbed.

Breeding to Plato/Socratic theory was meant to be a matter of eugenics. Only the best traits were to be carried on to the next generation. Grace, beauty, strength, fitness/health.

I think a lot gets missed out on in sexual activity. There is so much more it could be. Maybe this small tutorial will help the reader understand that.


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