From Initiate to Adept

From Initiate to Adept

Whatever group you want to join, there is a moment when you step in the door and all you bring to it is curiosity, eagerness, and wanting to belong. You’re suggestible to the experience and the people, to varying degrees. You may or may not become successful, to varying degrees.

That’s the base, no matter which group or means of entrance you engage in.

And from that moment on, all you do is learn. Whether you stay or not. You’d have to be pretty obtuse if you learned nothing.

Your experience changes depending on which path you take and how long you stay in the group. And if you chose a path of obedience or resistance/counter culture. And how much you are open to learning. How good your mentors or other group members are. Who are you exposed to?

How intimate is your experience? Is it a large group in a temple, company or class room? Or is it a small group of 2-3 and whatever goals you are focused on/how high-low you can ascend? Is the intimacy communal or is it sexual?

How clear is your mind? Are you able to focus, are you sober? (reverent, reflective, drugs/alcohol) Are you excited/orgasmic?

Have you chosen the path of trials, ecstasy, or isolation/deprivation? Are you eating, drinking, sleeping? Have you changed your diet or habits?

Do you feel you are growing? Understanding? Do you see the larger purposes of the group? Do you have a chance of becoming one of the elite or hierarchy? Do you identify with the leaders? Do you see their ‘gods’?

Sometimes it’s also about if you feel the group has been martyred or persecuted in their history. And how safe you feel in who they are now. Are they involved in things that authority would see as a challenge and prosecute you for?

As you learn more, do you feel a sense of peace, love or do you feel in conflict with yourself or other members/the group?

Do you feel accepted/embraced by the group? Are they aware of and proud of you for your efforts? Do they see what you had to overcome to even be inside the group?

This all works toward how attached you feel to the group and it’s hierarchy. And whether you actually do become an adept among them or if you have to leave to have a chance at being an adept.

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