A Fledgling Practitioner (a story)

A Fledgling Practitioner

Terence had heard so much about magic in his family church that he became really curious. For people who didn’t want kids to look into it, they should prob not have mentioned so often how you could gain power and fame, have all your wishes fulfilled if you practiced magic.

There were whole sermons about music and the devil’s voice on records. If you played them backwards. How many kids had tried that out? (ahem!) The artists were rarely ever obscure, were they?

And all those discussions about haunted houses and horror films. What kid doesn’t want to test their stamina? Every Hallowe’en they dared their friends to see if the story was real. Could you see the black shadow man or the lady in white? Really? Was the devil in the stained glass of the de-sanctified church? Really?

And how many parties have kids had where tarot cards and Ouija boards were brought out of the closet? But had a devil shown up to claim their souls?

And you know kids love to watch and do magic tricks, right? So who will their heroes be, when they feel powerless? I don’t think it’s going to be their Sunday school teacher, do you?

All this curiosity accumulated and so far there was no consequence. So they started reading up on magic and it’s practitioners. Practically any good magician has books written about them. Or at least videos streaming of their acts. And it’s pretty hard to take the devil behind this seriously when some of the biggest magicians went around the world debunking the work of others. (for eg Houdini) And there were plenty of stories of magicians who had tried one trick too many and been killed in the attempt. Would a devil let their acolyte die?

That’s what Terence had rolling in his head as he entered the local magic school…. And signed up for lessons.

As the years went by, Terence learned the craft. He got better and better at it.

Till finally he was offered a role on a magic show. And the lead magician offered to mentor him. He would even be on camera.

There he hesitated. If anyone in his family or church saw him…. So he worked out a deal with the magician that he could wear a mask so he would be unrecognizable. He had a voice distorter. And he wore a pad around his waist so he looked bigger.

He went on the stage and performed. He went home afterwards to see if his family knew it was him. No one mentioned anything. And knowing them, they would have. So he felt safe.

But during the night, as he slept, the two priests from his parents’ church crept in and bound him to his bed…..

And the exorcism began.

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