Testing Limits or Criminality? Forgiveness in your time line – Mental Health Assessments.

Testing Limits or Criminality? Forgiveness in your time line – Mental Health Assessments.

…. are you a thief?

Do you remember stealing cookies from the cookie jar? Even though your mom told you you couldn’t have a cookie?
Or going for a walk and stealing an apple from a neighbour’s tree or berries from their garden, without asking?
How about bubble gum from a variety store that your mom or dad wouldn’t give you money for?

…. are you an addict?

Did you ever sneak out after curfew and go to a friend’s party?
Or tell the bartender or wait staff you were (insert adult age allowed to drink 18-21), even though you knew it was illegal?
How about taking a hit off that joint going round at the campfire night?

… are you a fraud?

Did you ever work ‘under the table’?
Did you ever use a friend’s ID?
Did you ever ‘forget’ a tax receipt so you could get more back?

….. are you a pathological liar?

Did you ever call in sick cuzz you went to a party last night?
Did you ever kiss someone not your spouse and not tell your partner?
Did you ever lie when a cop asked if you knew where your friend was?

….. do you resent authority?

Did you ever book off class without a good reason?
Did you tell your parents you didn’t have homework when you did?
Did you ever lie when you were in trouble with a parent or teacher?
Do you vote?


It’s these type of questions that can start a profile in psych inventories, and if the profiler doesn’t catch them, you can end up looking like quite the budding criminal, but are you?

  • Have you ever been charged with a crime?
  • Have you ever been jailed?


It’s obv not quite that easy. But depending on what other reporters say about you, it can trigger such an issue. So who is talking about you? The CAS social worker who thinks you’re a bad parent? The foster parent who doesn’t like you and wants to adopt your kid? The cop who thinks you committed a crime? Your family who is looking for a scapegoat? The doctor who is looking for funding on his specialty and thinks you’d make a cool test case?

NB please don’t feel you have to answer any of the questions in this post. It’s just themed to make my point.

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