The Monarchy of Europe Sprang from….. and were known for…. Historic need or should we abolish them?

The Monarchy of Europe Sprang from….. and were known for…. Historic need or should we abolish them?

But shouldn’t we know who they are first?

Or at least the critical players?

From Russia to Spain, from Greece to Scotland, the modern monarchy was largely due to these marriages, these bloodlines. They crossed the continent of Europe, marrying cousins to keep power in their hands. And what was the cost? Purity of that sort leads to hemophilia. (Victoria and her descendants).

  1. Johan Willem Friso (house-of-orange-nassau) (14 Aug 1687 – 14 July 1711)
    married Princess Luise of Hesse-Kassel (21 Jan 1796 – Apr 9 1765
  2. King George II Of England (house-of-Hanover) (10 Nov 1683 – 25 Oct 1760)
    married Princess Wilhelmine Of Brandenburg-Ansbach ( 1 Mar 1683 – 20 Nov 1737)
  3. Christian IX (house-of-Glücksburg) (Apr 8, 1818 – Jan 29 1906)
    married Princess Louise of Hesse-Kassel, (Sept7, 1817 – Sept 29, 1898)
  4. (Alexandrina) Victoria; (house of Hanover) (24 May 1819 – 22 Jan 1901)
    married Albert 26 August 1819 – 14 December 1861

….. sources

unofficial royalty- relations
Christian IX

which monarchs were important to Christendom?


Many got involved in how the church hierarchy behaved, which pope was elected, and how, but some actually forwarded the cause of the church. Some royals became popes themselves.


They have their rings and crowns in the pie of most of the most horrible things that happened in Europe (religious and nation/states), and the world, and many people think they should be abolished,

They are good for pageantry, many today work tirelessly for charitable causes. And they are trying to rid the family of hemophilia by bringing in new bloodlines.

And they weren’t all bad, were they? Russia, England and France have tried revolutions and yet they’re still here…. Maybe we like our feudalism?

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