Pacifistic Freedom Fighters – Those Who Don’t Want to Follow Thoreau or Marx

Pacifistic Freedom Fighters – Those Who Don’t Want to Follow Thoreau or Marx

Some people who I discuss politics with call me Pollyanna or say my fundie Christian roots are showing. Or even better, they say I’m a Communist or Marxist. (My first sociology prof would kill himself laughing at this). I’m not, I’m more of an anarchist than anything.

What actually makes me anti-govt is being the product of a farm world, small village. Where you only bought what you could use, what you could re-use. And with a huge household, what you could store in half a closet. Or con the rest of the family into thinking was a good thing. That we’d actually con the parental units into buying. And considering my dad was a seasonal worker (construction) and step monster was part time after I was 13 and could cook a family meal, with our three mortgages on the house dad built, it was a hard sell. (I know sentence structure, but … I’ll take tips into how to phrase it better?) Considering my efforts at earning a living in sales all failed, you can safely say these efforts didn’t go well for me.

But these days, the most vocal voices in the ecology and environment wars aren’t always that educated.

  • They just look at the sky, the weather and go sheesh it’s getting hotter every year… how can the earth sustain this?
  • Or ya know, there are just too many cities, too many people and the animals are getting crowded out. Where will we find habitats for them?
  • Or how about the fact there is plastic floating on the ocean, and heaps of garbage people actually live on in several places on earth. How can all those things leeching into the soil and water tables be a good thing for humanity’s future?

And it changes who becomes a warrior against the govt. Who is willing to place their lives and their freedom on the line a lot! It’s no longer about religious collective dreams either:


  • belief in a future golden age of peace, justice, and prosperity.


  • of several world religions, which teach that world events will reach a climax. end times

It’s now about survival.

And now doing it in a way that doesn’t add to the bruises on Gaia is the best part of valour for these freedom fighters. They are facing jail to take down the corrupt political system that forwards consumerism, convenience and corporatocracy to replace it with civilian committees. To make your voice and mine heard.

That isn’t a new idea. That is the ideology of a republic or a democracy, the basis on which it began anyways. The reason why you and I get to vote, supposedly.

But somehow it became more about the elite ruling the great unwashed. (I blame Machiavelli, I really do! sniffs pits. i’m good!)
Every four years we get to cast a vote for who will rule us, who will use their police powers and military to keep us working for the corporations. And if the one factory in our small town shuts down, or ten mom and pop’s get replaced with a Walmart, do they care? Nope! Not at the national level they don’t. They might begin to care if it was GMC, or Amazon. They might care if the bank that shuts down is Chase or Price-Waterhouse. But they don’t care if you have to drive an hour to find an actual physical bank.

Bottomline, govt just isn’t for you or about you.

So why do you have to spend six months of your working year working for their taxes? When your family eats sale meat ends or mac and cheese. Maybe even hot dogs and Kraft dinner. Where fresh veg and fruit are luxuries.

How does that justify trillions of dollars spent on systems that are literally killing the planet and us? How is it ok to know that the earth will be in such a place within the next 30-50 yrs that billions of people will be without clean water, or edible growable food?
That there will be a mass extinction event, and this time it will be humanity that dwindles away? They are now estimating approx 90% of us.

Why? Because the govt is hellbent on supporting killer industries like oil, gas, mining, personal vehicles, corporate farms….. instead of us. And we will die because they won’t change their direction?

Yeah I know, you think i’m nuts. But I found my tribe. And here are other voices saying the same thing. (YAY!! It’s not just me! Woop wooop!!)

Our planet is dying because those we elect are shills for our murderers. And we are giving them the power to execute us.
These days, the rebels are using ideas and words for bombs. And the govts are scared enough. But the corporatocracy is more so than anyone. And they’re bent on repressing the rebel’s voice.

Chris Hedges in conversation with Roger Hallam

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