Politics Today in Canada — Oh Lord!

Politics Today in Canada — Oh Lord!

To begin,… In the middle of a pandemic, recession and civil rights unrest over structural racism, the opposing parties were trying to have the PM of Canada unseated. TG NDP sided with the Liberals on the bill in question. Or there’d have been an election called for.

If they hadn’t our govt would have basically been frozen for mths and millions would have been spent on an election no citizen wants to pay for. Whew! Pay attention folks! Who was at the bottom of this? (hint hint, SheerIdiocy, right?)
the outlook


Canada and our PM have been vying for a 2 yr term on the United Nations Security Council. We lost that bid today. Maybe they were worried our govt is too unstable atm? How would a minority govt assure world leaders they can complete a 2 year anything atm? I’d blame all the other issues we’re going thru atm, but frankly we aren’t as bad off as some other entrants into the race.

And with this over, we can go back to our struggles and discussing if JT needs a hair cut or a man bun, right? I vote for the bun, so long as he shaves!

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