the etiology of Wm Shakespeare

the etiology of Wm Shakespeare

I adore William Shakespeare!

He is my fave writer of all time. I have read a LOT of his writings; most of his poems, most of his comedies. I’ve tried chipping away at his political stuff as well. I’m still reading. I have his complete works!

I have read enough on Shakespeare to have a good idea of his influences and styles. And I’m pretty good at reading and understanding his idiom/dialect. It helped so much to have taken Latin, German and French in HS.

In my off-the-web writings, I practice how to get a sonnet just so, how to use iambic pentameter, and even how to write in the English of Shakespeare’s time. I have even written fan fiction of minor characters and stories or plays and poems with his “feel” and themes.

Stuff I probably will never publish.(How likely is it that I’d be published for anything, except by me anyway?) It’s basically a student’s notes. A true amateur’s love for their fave author. And everything I have found to be a love of his, I have read. Every author or poem or play I could lay my hands on. I can see where his stuff came from.

You could call me obsessed. 😛

And even having heard that my William didn’t write it((????!!!), I still adore the work. And the journey I went into to find his story… and my own.

I’m just glad that there is no conclusive proof that he didn’t. Just theories. (phew!!)

Would I re-think my position on his writing? Probably not. All you would change of this quest for me is the name of the writer.

I understand the history of the art world and it’s schools and styles and influences…

and I’ll leave you with these quotes. and the links to the debate of whether Shakespeare is the author or not. You can decide for yourself. Or just be an adoring fan or hater like most people chose to be. Up to you!


….. quotes

nothing new – Ecclesiates1:9

everything passes away- Marcus Aurelius

Socrates and the “art of midwifery”

…the influences

of time, country, philosophy/religion, language, and style

artistic influence- meaning, symbols, objects, era, and school
iambic pentameter
Elizabethan language
[Latin, Greek, and French/Belgian influences on a Germanic language
Latin and Greek, German and French poets who influenced the Elizabethan era
poetic schools
Ottoman influence on poets
Japan, Cambodia, China and India -influence on English plays and poetic sagas/epochs
the Elizabethan Bard as a tool of the sovereign’s political and religious bias in exchange for their sponsorship


the Beat poets go back to the waters that influenced the Elizabethan bards, and instead of romantic views. they are realistic. IMO

… the authorship question

variance in artistic attribution
definition of plagiarism
the authorship question of Shakespeare’s work
was the authorship collaborative?

William Shakespeare;

was it indeed Shakespeare?

Sir Francis Bacon;

was it Bacon?

Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford;

was it De Vere?

Christopher Marlowe;

was it Marlowe?


William Stanley, 6th Earl of Derby.
was it Stanley?

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