dairy, my demon and political activism

Everyone says that dairy is good for you. It’s part of a healthy diet. And I’d agree in principle… but there are always exceptions to every principle. People who are allergic to lactose, and people who can’t deal well with sugar of any kind for example. It may be natural(ish), it may have a good source of protein in it and be tasty for most people. But it could be lethal for some.
One glass is not lethal for me. But it sure could become so if I don’t watch how often I treat myself.
Here’s the reasoning:
[whey and sugar][https://lifehacker.com/the-best-cheeses-to-eat-if-youre-lactose-intolerant-1563386663]
[enzymes in the processing and effect on lactose][https://www.livestrong.com/article/401451-ricotta-cheese-and-lactose/]
[chemicals in processing milk][https://scialert.net/fulltextmobile/?doi=ijds.2007.104.115]

## ….
And if you thought this piece was about **just** dairy food, lol You should know me better than that.
It’s also about people who are political activists who think they know what is best for groups of people who they have never spoken to, or asked what would work in their life. They presume that what works for them will work for everyone. The food guide says that milk is good for you, good for them, so good for everyone. Then they get mad when you say it doesn’t work for everyone. That for some people it could be a killer. Or they ask you if you’re lactose intolerant and offer you (eg) white rice milk which is also triggering to some people who have sugar issues or soy milk which also is a problem to people with hormonal issues. So basically they might be taking you from the frying pan into the fire, thinking they’re doing what is right. Yet their error could kill someone. Oh that’s ok they meant well, right? But then you’re dead! OOps!
**So the question is… if you haven’t even talked to someone, how can you claim that you’re acting on their behalf?**


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