work forced (a story)

work forced ( a story)

I just have one piece of advice for those of you men who have secretaries or assistants. Do NOT sleep with her, then when you get tired of her, try to fire her. The easiest thing that could happen is she sues you, then there’s criminal charges of harassment, depends how easy it goes. Or you could run into me 😛
My boss was foolish enough to write in his journal that he was going to fire me in two weeks. After a year long affair. When I thought he was going to leave his wife soon. Well he did keep telling me how unhappy he was at home. What a bitch she was. How they had a sexless relationship. Yeah the usual. I know I was a sucker. But people who use me tend to get taught a lesson.
He ran into his murderer and he hired and slept with her. He bought her gifts. So who was the foolish one?
I now knew everything he had told me as pillow talk, and I could use it against him. His dreams, his hobbies, his obsessions and his family and friends. I just had to think and pick that one thing that would leave him desperate, alone and embarrassed. Like I now felt.

  • He had been spending the past 20 years working on and fishing on his dad’s boat. That had to be part of it.
  • His work reputation and clients’ view of him was critical to him. Part two.
  • He had no idea I knew yet, and I did his social and business engagements’ planning. Part three.
  • He had seizures whenever he was near a strobe light. Part four.

Sooooo… I planned a party. All his clients were invited. They were told it was a costume party and the theme was famous lovers in history. It would be on his boat. They were told he had an announcement to make.
The caterers , the flowers, the boat was decorated. Then there was my wedding dress. Padded like I was an 8 month bride. (Nope I’m not pregnant, but the clients hardly ever saw me. It was an internet based business.)
I gathered clips of our sex tapes and made them look a lot kinkier than they were. He said his wife was a prude. And a few of his clients were as well. I put them onto a stick and taped it into the bra of the dress.
That night, I installed the strobe and hooked my laptop up to the TV in the main lounge of the boat. He had no clue I knew he planned to fire me, so he was trying to keep me sweet and maybe get some loving before we broke up.
I tested the strobe a few times, to get his brain primed. Then put on a disco dance. All the guests started to dance. He was kind of hopping. I touched his arm, but he didn’t really seem to grasp that I was there. So I uploaded the clips while his seizure was in process. And hit play. Jaws were dropping thru the room. I walked out of the room while they were all in shock, to the motorboat that had brought a few late guests and left. Left him to the explanations he would have to give. Left for my new life. With my laptop. Nobody thought to stop me and he was in no condition to.
A year later, I heard his wife had taken him to the cleaners in the divorce. She had gotten custody of their kids due to the witnesses who saw the clips. His best clients left his company. They said he had shown really bad judgment.
He seemed really sad in the pictures I saw of him.
And I was on to my next love. No more married men for me! Or bosses either. I think we had both learned our lesson.

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