dolls’ choice

When we first met, the dolls were asked some questions about what they wanted from me besides being a doll. How extreme did they want the experience to be? They were given a series of options and asked to put a card in a sealed envelope and sign their name and date it. I told them that at some point, they would be giving their control away and we would have a CNC relationship.  The card would then tell me to what degree they were willing to go. I expected them to be a little nervous about their choice. But who knows, maybe they’re the type who go all in to things?

The day came and I asked them if they wanted to change the card…

Having gotten to know them (or thought I did?), I was pretty sure everyone would survive the relationship. There would be no [corpse]  to deal with. Considering how health/fitness focused the dolls were, I was also pretty sure none were [cannibals] either.

There had been no jealousy among the dolls (what a blessing!!), but I think that might have changed if they were treated as [cuckolds] by me. I had nothing but intuition to go on, but that’s what I thought.

We were mostly non-sexual too… So I was pretty sure their choice would involve chastity, but the devices I had picked involved pain elements. Either they picked the

[chastity device with a TENS attachment]  or the [urethral sound chastity device] if they wanted pain.

I knew dungeon doll would be ok with that, but wasn’t sure about the others.

There was one last option… how permanently feminine did the dolls want to be?

They could use the [condom catheter] and tuck and tape any dangly bits.  Or they could be [castrated] and work on getting the inside plumbing done. But that would change the type of [catheter] to a foley.

So today was the day I brought the cards out…

Based on their personalities, what we had done together on our journey, and our relationships, I was pretty sure I knew who would make what choice…

When I brought the cards out, the dolls all gasped. After all, no matter what, it was their last choice if they wanted to remain in my house.  To be with me and their sisters. Which choice had they made? And what would it mean to our house?

–  the end of the doll series  – hope you liked it?

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