Working on the dolls

**in masks

The next step with my dolls was to get them used to not being able to express themselves.  Facial cues are so integral in how we relate as human beings. But they were not human.  They were dolls.  Totally reliant on me to see to their needs and safety in social situations. With a little practice at home, they were more anonymous in their character. Except for their outfit and mask, they were what they wore now.
We started out with  fancy dress masks when all the people would be wearing them as well. So the doll didn’t feel so obvious. They loved the party atmosphere and being unknown in a crowd was fun as well. Then all that changed was where the party was and the type of crowd. Would they be teased or seduced? Or would they be expected to be proper and chaste?
Then we went to a fun or halloween costume party. Again, they weren’t the only one masked. So they were happy to wear it. And happy to be relaxed in them.
Lastly, we got out the dungeon mask. Their senses were reduced at my will and not everyone was masked when we went out in them. So they were a bit more nervous. But now they were pretty used to the mask concept.
At first it was just the mask to orient them, but then I blindfolded them so they were more reliant on me still. It was a really good trust exercise and not a day one activity, but it was so worth it. I was proud of my dolls and kept telling them that.


Note | 1 Loves It | 7 days ago

The dolls and I were having important visitors today. One of the visitors was going to entertain us. The dolls were so excited. But since they weren’t sure what to expect, they were a bit scared too. They trusted me and wanted to please me though. So when they entered the room, it was kind of like the ants song.
Ants go marching is a popular song loved by all kids. Here are the lyrics : The ants go marching One by one Hurrah.. hurrah.. the ants go marching one by one…

They came into the room to get out of the rain. And to stay near me.
Our special visitor was a huge fan of the Amazing Kreskin .and wanted to show us what it was like to be in the show.
Kreskin performs trick with a plastic duck, ball and cards and discusses hypnotism and the use of magnets- The power of suggestion’. The audience participate…

At first he had the dolls sit in chairs and one by one, he sat in front of them, like Mesmer would have. He sat across from them, gave them a drink, and held their arms and soothed them till they calmed. It was like he was feeding them his energy too.
Then he had them stare at their telos

like Braid would have and explained patiently why he was doing things this way. His voice was soothing as he told them he wanted their minds to be his for a while. and not just have them think they should be good dolls for me.
They weren’t too sure about that. How could a doll do anything that their owner would be unhappy about?
But eventually, they realized he had no malicious intent, so they lent their mind to him. Or so they thought.
And we all watched as they raised their arms or legs to his command, then did something I’d only seen on tv before or at Oktoberfest dances…

To the dolls, they were sitting waiting for my next instruction or for the show to be over. They didn’t seem to be aware that they were the show.
He had one command word he and I had discussed before for the dolls, then he “woke” them from their trance.
The dolls looked at me for instruction, then blushed as it all flooded in. I smiled and gave each of them a kiss on the forehead and they were instantly soothed. Just as the visitor and I had arranged.
The show was over, so we had some tea and shortbread cookies and then the guests went home.
It was a lovely day for us. I could swear I heard old music in my head though…

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