the cave

They had been wandering in the desert for a few days and were almost out of food and water when they came across something that looked like a cave. They made a bit of noise to be sure no animals were resting inside, then entered.

In the first area, they saw a bunch of jars and were curious what they were exactly. Why would anyone have a storage cave way out in the desert?

They read a few labels and wondered…

cinnamon, cassium, myrrh, frankincense, lichen, cedar and pine resin, salt, henna, honey, etc.

There was an odd odour of sulphur and something bittersweet in the air. And a lot of perfume odour. It wasn’t a pleasant odour though.

They went into the next area and they found a bunch of linen wrappings, some empty pottery jars, old onions and what looked like sewing materials. Crafts?  Out here?

Then they walked into the next area and found a dias with troughs around it and a very rudimentary drain underneath. Their eyes met. They were starting to get the creeps. If they walked into a basement with this in, they’d think they had stumbled onto the lair of a serial killer. But unless their direction senses were way off, they were miles from any civilization. At least that had been mapped. Even the tombs of the lesser kings were miles away.

They also found a long, thin  hook and a set of knives and some long needles. They looked almost like basters their moms used for roasts.  And a side chamber with a bunch of empty pottery jars in it. Old rolls of papyrus stocked on shelves were there too.

All this stuff was really getting to them and they were a bit jumpy. Jittery.

As they went back further and further in the cave, the air got thicker and they found more stores for whatever was going on in this cave.

Till they arrived at the entrance of the last chamber. Feeling really creepy and not wanting to enter it. Yet really curious as well. So they took the last step in.

Something stirred… At first they thought it was mice, or bats maybe? They hoped it wasn’t snakes! They managed to stumble over each other trying to get away from the rustling. Just in case.

They thought snakes or a wild animal were about the worst things they might find, here in this desert cave.  But as they looked over their shoulders, they saw something much worse rise and come toward them.


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