bleeding ears

I come to you to hear about the world, cuzz I am told you as a woman are the story teller of the people. I hear you are a great listener, madam. Would you like to hear me out?

first comes the mother
I would love to hear your story,but there are babies to nurse, ill to tend to, injured to bandage and old and little ones to supervise. I would otherwise! Would you excuse me please?

then comes the crone
I’m sure I’ve heard it before but probably have forgotten. I’m also sure I don’t want to hear it again. I haven’t much time left, you know.

then comes the whore
I would if you paid me. Then my time is yours. Otherwise, all I ask is you tell me a tale that will better my knowledge for my clientele.

last comes the virgin
Unless it is innocent and full of ideals, I care not to hear it. You look like a pervert when you approach this young a girl!

I come to you to hear about the world, cuzz I am told we have much in common, good sirrah. I hear you are a good listener. Would you like to hear me out?

first comes the father
I would but there are not enough hours in the day, and my honey-do list is long. Why I barely have time to hear out my own children. Unless of course you are one?

then comes the misfit
I would, but unless it speaks about the end days or a rival group where I can get all steamed up and preach on the corner, why would I? My head is far too full of voices already today.

then comes the rebel thug
I would, but would rather argue or fight you. Why waste good words no one hears when we could practice for the zombie apocalypse, a gang or race war, or just pretend we want to wrestle, when we’re covering up our play?

last comes the monk
I would, but I’ve been trying to reach my gods all day and no one is answering. And I have all these tests and trials I must do before my life ends. Or I won’t reach heaven and we all know where lies the other way.

I sat down and cried for all were busy, or had a bad case of bleeding ears.

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