“I’m a Little Teapot” Kind of Charity Munch

“I’m a Little Teapot” Kind of Charity Munch

Our local munch had a really cool idea for a fund raiser. A Victorian tea service.  One of the submissives was battling a health issue and needed some financial help. So their dominant approached the munch leader. They came up with the theme together, because this person was into fine china and loved the Victorian era. So the theme was born.

Some of the high protocol slaves and submissives eagerly signed up to serve the tea. Esp when they learned what they would be wearing.  (It’s a surprise.  You have to wait till the end  😛 They didn’t even tell their masters or dominants before the day)

The servers got together and practiced how to serve a proper English tea. (It’s not that easy  j/s) All the bowing, scraping, and yes sirring was hard enough, without adding proper English tea. They even had an English old mum give them lessons in how to make a good cuppa. And all the courtesies of serving from the left or right, how to set the table for a high tea. Even the difference between a high tea and just a cuppa.

The day came…

The servers were giggling as they got dressed. Even though they’d be covered from head to toe, it seemed weird for them to be going in to serve a formal, high protocol event in this gear. Somehow they managed to get a serene, poised look on their faces before they entered the room. Which they struggled to hold when they saw the members’ startled reactions.

The tea was served, with all the pomp and circumstance due high tea.

Until the middle of the event, when the servers broke out into the song, [I’m a little tea pot][https://youtu.be/mdu5lLpMH_w]

> I’m a little teapot
> Short and stouts
> Here is my handle
> Here is my spout
> When
 I get all steamed up
> I just shout
> Tip
 me over and pour me out

> I’m a very special pot
> It’s true
> Here’s an example of what I can do
> I can turn my handle into a spout
> Tip me over and
 pour me out

> I’m a little teapot
> Short and stouts
> Here is
 my handle
> Here is my spout
> When I get all steamed up
> I just shout
> Tip me over and pour me out

> I’m a very special pot
> It’s true
> Here’s an example of what I can do
> I can turn my handle into a spout
> Tip me over and pour me out

 then collected the donations for the member in need. It was really cute, esp considering their outfits.
The hostess happened to notice that every now and then a server disappeared into the bushes outside the club, where the tea was being held. But they always returned and it didn’t seem to be affecting the service. So she let it go.  (Maybe when you see their outfit, you’ll figure out what they were up to?

The servers came back wearing silly grins, which quickly were erased as they took up their warmed pots and plates of cakes and sandwiches.

The hostess began to have her suspicions about what was going on when she noticed that their partners weren’t at their tables when their particular server went missing. Aha!  Well then, she laughed. Either they were getting a spanking or having a quickie in a corner of the garden. Well, maybe both!

Finally the event was over.

The servers helped clean up and the hostess counted the cash. They had met their goal!  And there was even a bit extra for a card and gift for the person they were going to present the money to. The hostess smiled. And went to share the news.

There were cheers and clapping.

She pulled one of the servers aside and had her suspicions confirmed about what had been going on in the garden. They laughngly wondered if the Victorians have ever had those “asides” during a tea?

Well the outfit was a bit risque. Suggestive? But even though it was underwear, they were **far** from nude…


A King, a Prophet and God’s Son

A King, a Prophet and God’s Son… (a true story)

There once was a place so magical it drew the eye of many religions. It was nothing but a hill, in the center of an old city. But everyone seemed to want it for theirs. Wars were fought over it, quests were run because of it, religions were begun because of it, and the world would end because of it. Light and dark fought over it. For the souls of all humanity.
It became a story of self-fulfilling prophecy. Humanity worked to build the very thing that would destroy it.
Piece by piece, it all came together. And all that could be done was delay the inevitable.
Some fought to save the relics of their hope and faith. Some fought to prove that their faith was the most worthy of the many. And some worked to bring about the end, the darkness. Perhaps they were looking to create a place for good by ending humanity’s reign? Who knows.
Myth and history worked together to mystify the hill in the old city and the voice of reason was helpless in the rage and obsession of the many. All that was left was to let light and dark battle for the hill, in the old city.
And they would not be denied their day.

## . . . . the 8 Crusades’ origin


[Pope Urban II][https://www.britannica.com/biography/Urban-II]


[Clement III][https://www.britannica.com/biography/Clement-III-antipope]

## . . . . knights

[Knights of Templar][http://www.history.com/topics/the-knights-templar]

[Knights of Hospitallers][https://www.britannica.com/topic/Hospitallers]

[Teutonic Knights][http://history-world.org/teutonic_knights.htm]

## . . . .  Solomon’s temple

[a mound divided][http://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-26934435]

[Nebuchadrezzar II][https://www.britannica.com/biography/Nebuchadrezzar-II] destroyed [Solomon’s first temple][http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/the-first-temple-solomon-s-temple]

[2nd temple][https://www.bibleodyssey.org/en/places/main-articles/second-temple] destroyed by the Romans.

[3rd temple][http://christinprophecy.org/articles/the-third-temple/]   to be desecrated by the Anti-Christ during the tribulation

[Masada][http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/masada-desert-fortress] was Herod’s castle, taken over by Jewish zealots rebelling against Roman occupation of Jerusalem. There is only one version of the story told and not by a credible source. 

[Freemasons and the temple][http://www.freemasonryontrial.com/solomons-temple-and-freemasonrys-origins.html]

## . . . . 

Judaic priests/rabbis were descendents of Moses’ brother Aaron and Jacob’s son Levi

## . . . . relics

– Holy Sepulchre  – tomb of Christ.

– Angel’s Stone  – stone before the opening.

– Shroud of Turin (a linen cloth believed to be placed on Jesus Christ’s body before burial)
– parts of the cross on which Jesus was crucified. 
## . . . .  Holy Grail
[3 of King Arthur’s Knights’ quest][http://www.heroofcamelot.com/legend/holy-grail]

1. (in medieval legend) the cup or platter used by Jesus at the Last Supper, and in which Joseph of Arimathea received Christ’s blood at the Cross.

2. [blood of Christ][http://www.priory-of-sion.com/psp/id152.html]  could also be his progeny, supposedly a line of descendents (the Merovingians) from his marriage with Mary of Magdalene. 

Looking for Devils and Heretics

Looking For Devils and Heretics (a true story)

Once upon a time ago (in the 16th C), there was a temple with many priests and soldiers working for it. The head guy was called a pope. They were getting along okay with the king of the country then. But it hadn’t always been so.
Some of the poorer people were getting upset with the pope and the king. It always seemed like they were picked on by the rich and those in power. But since it was all done “in the name of God”, it was pretty hard to refuse. And it’s not like the priests did things the way they said their people were supposed to. So the people were grumbling some. Saying things like power bred hypocrisy.
They thought they had it bad then, but…
One day, a young priest started studying and talking with friends and thought things should change, so he wrote up a statement and hung it on his church’s door. There were all kinds of ill feelings about it. All the way up to the king and the pope.
The people weren’t too sure that those in power had the right of it, but they didn’t want a war over it. And they sure didn’t want to be called witches or heretics in order to get some independence of thought and be able to read the book that ruled their lives for themselves. They didn’t want any more sin taxes or taxes that tolerated bad behaviour in those who could afford to pay for it. So they rose with some of the younger priests and fought to change the system.
And power came back at them. They were tortured for daring to change things. Some were martyred as well. Their religion was changed forever because of these days.
Those looking on shuddered. Those within grieved. From then on, the people were taught to read and the priests were made into monks.
The temple? It was forever fragmented.
What the light had called for in his name was forever changed. And time became the temple’s enemy. There would come a day when what was left would be the death of them all. Or so the prophets said. And now they wouldn’t be together to fight the devil’s son when he came to earth for his reign.
Families were broken apart, all thinking they were doing the right thing. Men and women looked at each other differently. And the priests became celibate… or did they? Well, on paper they were.

. . . .

## . . . .
[The Martyr’s Mirror][http://homecomers.org/mirror/index-old.htm]

## . . . . significant voices of the reformation & counter

[Charles V –  holy roman emperor][https://www.britannica.com/biography/Charles-V-Holy-Roman-emperor]
[Pope Leo X][https://www.britannica.com/biography/Leo-X]

## . . . .
[Martin Luther][https://www.biography.com/people/martin-luther-9389283]

[Huldrych Zwingli][https://www.britannica.com/biography/Huldrych-Zwingli]

## . . . .

[John Calvin][https://www.biography.com/people/john-calvin-9235788]

[Felix Manz][http://gameo.org/index.php?title=Manz,_Felix_(ca._1498-1527)]

beyond the moment bdsm

BDSM to me goes beyond the body and sexuality. It goes beyond a fun night at a play party and/or a dungeon/munch.

It’s about me growing as an individual.  Practicing the aspects that I am interested in learning.  Building the relationship(s) we need to have to have a healthy dynamic. Defining our goals so we can grow together.

And even beyond that, practicing sexual rites of worship. To open our minds, to create an intimate bond. Leaving the flogger and the sexuality in their rightful place as tools we use in conjunction with many others.  To create something respectful and intimate. As service, not only to each other, but also to our higher power/god(s)/community and each other.

BDSM in that context is about  lifetime goals and expressing our beliefs and cultural values. It is about our heart and souls. A place where you can’t just walk away at the end of the night, or the weekend. It’s more of a religion or a lifestyle than a play session. It defines who we are, better than bruises, punctures or burns do.  IMO

## . . . . influences

## . . . . moral code


## . . . . intimacy

[tantric sex][http://www.besthealthmag.ca/best-you/relationships/tantric-sex/]

[sex magick][http://www.llewellyn.com/journal/article/2262]

## . . . . bondage

## . . . . power


## . . . . ownership
## . . . . gender
## . . . . ritual

[collaring ceremony][http://dominantguide.com/56/ceremony-from-the-heart-the-collaring-ceremony/]

[thoughtful or meditative service rituals][http://www.limitsunleashed.com/rituals-power-exchange/]

in the early days of the law (a story)

in the early days of the law –

There once was a man who had nine daughters, in a time when they didn’t really mean a lot. They could own property and work at domestic-type jobs, selling surplus from theirs and their family’s efforts at the market, but it didn’t really provide a lot. Her best hope in life was to marry well.
For a man with nine daughters and little power, influence or money, this wasn’t ideal. He didn’t want to spend his whole life taking care of them.
So daughter one was sold to the castle. She was sturdy enough to be a good slave for them. He hoped it would make him good will with the ruler of his city.
Daughter two was sold to the temple. She would be taught all she needed to know to either be a priestess (if she was bright) or a temple whore (if she was pretty).
Daughter three was sold to the man who owned a city brothel. He did check to see that it was a clean place and they wouldn’t harm her if she was disobedient.
His fourth daughter was sold to a man who had several shops. She would clean the shops for him and help his wife with clerking and inventory. The man had other slaves and they seemed healthy and happy.
His fifth was promised to a man in his 30s. who only had one wife so far. Their home was clean and his wife had a boy, so his daughter wasn’t that likely to be bred into an early grave. Or beaten if she didn’t have a son. But she might still be divorced if she didn’t have any children.
His sixth was promised to a trader who would give her a life of travel and goods from many lands. For this child, he lit candles at the temple and asked the gods to keep her safe. Once away from home, she’d have no safety net, like the others did.
And the seventh child was promised to a soldier who came from money, but had decided to serve his king before he married. The father had concerns about the son, but the family had a good reputation, so he went thru with the marriage.
Daughter eight and nine were meant to remain with their mother and help them out till he and his wife were old. He could provide for two daughters, with the money the others had provided.
He thought he had done well for them. They would be cared for, so their mother was pleased.
If they had been born in our time, what could a father do with nine daughters? Cast their fortunes to the wind and pray it all worked out well. But they’d still have to be lucky as well as smart, pretty and quick to get along. If life were to go well for a daughter. Well, easier anyway.


## . . . . influences



[Hammurabi’s code- Babylon/Sumer][http://www.duhaime.org/LawMuseum/LawArticle-105/1760-BC–Hammurabis-Code-of-Laws.aspx]

[Solon’s Laws- Greece][http://www.duhaime.org/LawMuseum/LawArticle-306/530-BC–Solons-Laws-Greece.aspx]

[the twelve tables – Rome][http://www.duhaime.org/LawMuseum/LawArticle-303/450-BC-The-Twelve-Tables.aspx]

[Magna Carta – England][http://www.duhaime.org/LawMuseum/LawArticle-109/1215-The-Magna-Carta.aspx]

[English bill of rights][http://www.duhaime.org/LawMuseum/LawArticle-110/1689-The-English-Bill-of-Rights.aspx]

[Geneva’s Convention – Switzerland][http://www.duhaime.org/LegalResources/InternationalLaw/LawArticle-150/Default.aspx]

## . . . .
[J/C 10 commandments][http://www.duhaime.org/LawMuseum/LawArticle-108/1300-BC-The-Ten-Commandments.aspx]


## . . . .


## . . . .


in the early days of medicine

In the Early Days of Medicine (a story)

Jocasta entered the study of the house. She had beeen told by a friend that she could find advice and maybe comfort for her symptoms here. And after all she had suffered, (despite advice from her mother, grandmother and aunts), she needed some comfort.
She left her maid outside, waiting on the porch. She didn’t want the maid hearing about her troubles. Her maid was a horrible gossip.
The man who came in was of stern character. He said he was a medical philosopher. He asked a bunch of questions, then asked permission to lay hands upon her. He said it was to “examine” her. To find out what was wrong.
She allowed this.
While the man touched her, mostly on her stomach, he asked a bunch of questions about her mood and her diet and exercise. He asked if she drank enough water. Her village had a bad well, so no not really. But she drank pressed juices and wine of course. He frowned, but said she was doing her best with local resources.
He listened to her lungs and heart. He palpitated her abdomen and he checked her reflexes. And he looked in her eyes.
The stern man asked if she got enough sleep. Not really. She lived in a crowded house. There was usually someone up and about. And she was a light sleeper.
He asked how she felt each day. If this sleep deprivation made her upset. She said she was tired and jittery. She lacked energy. He nodded.
The stern man suggested she visit a friend or relative who had a quiet room for a week and come back to see him when she was more rested. And to try to get more water into her.
She asked if there was a problem. He said her organs seemed fine. She wasn’t jaundiced or pallid. So they agreed to see each other in a week.
Jocasta went home and relayed the directions to her mother. Mother said she could go help her grandmother out at her cottage. She had a well and a quiet home.
The following week, Jocasta went back to the medical philosopher and told him she had followed his advice and how she had managed it.
The stern man asked if he could “examine” her again. He asked about her diet and exercise again. And had staying with her grandma helped her to relax and sleep more. She answered the questions.
This time, the stern man asked if he could prick her finger. She agreed. He got a good drop of blood, which he rubbed off her and put in his mouth. She asked why he did that. He said he wanted to know if it tasted like healthy blood and also if it was bright red. It did and it was. It also stopped bleeding quickly whe he pressed it firmly with a cloth.
The stern man said she seemed to be calmer and better off, after the week rest. So his advice to her was to stay with her grandmother more, to get rest and water. She said she did feel better.
Jocasta went home to tell her mother what the advice was. Her mother stared at her daughter, who did seem better, and agreed. She could sleep at her grandmother’s cottage. Her grandmother agreed, because Jocasta had been helpful and polite. Respectful.
Jocasta was pleased and really did feel better. Amazing what a little sleep will do, huh?

. . . . early medicine influences


He postulated that all substances were made up of air, earth, fire, and water combined in different proportions. He is the first to have suggested the humoral theory, later adopted by the Hippocratics. He also proposed a crude theory of evolution.

the excess amount of fluids determined a person’s character. The 4 humors included choleric (yellow bile), melancholic (black bile), sanguine (blood) and phlegmatic (phlegm). Below is a table showing the character that each humor or fluid represents.

1. Character … 2. Humor …  3. Fluid   …  4. Produced by  … 5.  Element
A. 1. Irritable   …  2. Choleric  … 3. Yellow bile   … 4. Spleen    …  5. Fire
B. 1. Depressed ,,, 2.  Melancholic … 3.  Black bile …  4.  Gall bladder ..  5. Earth
C.  1.  Optimistic  … 2. Sanguine  … 3.  Blood   … 4.  Liver  …  5.  Air
D.  1. Calm  …  2.  Phlegmatic  …  3. Phlegm   …  4.  Lungs   …  5.  Water





noxamvero et maleficium propulsabo (Also … I will utterly reject harm and mischief)

to be a teacher, a healer.  To care for and guard, rather than commit murder/euthenasia and mayhem, to treat men and women with respect, and not put them into debt. So i might have a good reputation, where failing will ruin my rep.

[the oath][https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hippocratic_Oath#Text_of_the_oath]

eat from same water, soil and air-  eat locally. foods you’ve been raised on.



‘The patients are your textbook, the sickbed is your study.’

toxicology/chemistry in medicine, observation. matural laws, practice, and he practiced divination/he was studied by the Rosicrucians.


spirit system, consisting of natural spirit or “pneuma” (air he thought was found in the veins), vital spirit (blood mixed with air he believed to found in the arteries), and animal spirit (which he believed to be found in the nervous system)

he learned the importance of diet, fitness, hygiene and preventive measures, as well as living anatomy, and the treatment of fractures and severe trauma, referring to their woundsas “windows into the body”.

the physician is a philosopher

in a warped mirror

In a Warped Mirror (fairy tale)

Once upon a time ago, there was a queen who had the power of sight. She could tell much about a person just by looking in their eyes. So she roamed the castle and made sure to meet everyone within it’s walls.
Most of the people were decent enough. The type who would protect themselves and their families by whatever means it took. They’d lie or steal in that vein. So she left them alone. She had been desperate, so she felt empathy. She also made sure that from now on, the castle spread the food stuffs out a bit more fairly.
There were a few people who were genuinely good. So she gave them projects to help the decent people and improve the castle. They taught the children, they cast small spells to protect the castle and the people with in it’s walls, and they roamed about guarding and lending a hand where it was needed.
The queen sought their advice when decisions needed to be made. Because she knew that they were genuinely good and had good motives of concern and kindness.
The queen was happy with how things were among the people within her domain.
Till one day…
A knock was heard on the doors of the great room of the castle. A guard let someone in and brought her to the throne for the queen to greet. The queen took one look at this woman and her skin began to crawl. Her stomach felt heavy. And her throat started to close.
The queen knew she had seen the face of evil. She greeted the evil woman and asked for a moment to gather her greeters. She ran to find the good people and told them about the visitor.
They came up with a plan.
One had heard that a mirror could capture and hold powers. So they had a few guards take a mirror into the great room and put it behind the throne.
The queen came back to the throne and was chatting in a kind and caring way with those near the throne. Including the evil magician.
The good people were praying in the back room, to collect power toward the mirror. In hopes of boosting it’s ability to ward and trap the magician’s evil powers and hold them away from the people of the castle.
The magician was thinking she had the upper hand, ready for her moment of power.
Till she looked into the mirror…
And saw her own eyes looking back at her with glee. She actually jumped, seeing her own evil reflected. The drain of positive and good she had begun was drawn into the mirror, instead of toward the people of the castle.
It was like there was now a tractor beam between her physical eyes and the image of them in the mirror.
The queen grabbed the king’s arm and pulled them both to safety. She got the guards to direct everyone out of the great room. Quickly!
The magician was held by the beam. All the self loathing and rage she had felt was keeping her imprisoned by the beam. Her soul was being stripped of the evil. She felt like she was being molested by her own power.
It went on till she was empty of hate and rage. Till the fear demon she had collected with them was banned from the castle. The magician collapsed.
The queen and the good people re-entered the great room and helped the magician to a chair. They gave her water and soothed her, till she was calm. They heard her story and did their best to reassure her that the world was not an evil place. That she could overcome her past and move forward, without a demon’s power to protect her. They taught her prayers of self protection and sent her on her way.
They thought all was solved…
Till they realized that anyone who looked in the mirror was now infected by that evil.
The good gathered and worked their spells and said their prayers. But they had little effect. So the queen smashed the mirror to pieces, put the frame into the big fire pit in the great room, and set it ablaze. Using some mead to escalate the fire’s heat.
In the hottest fire the castle had ever seen, the queen and the good saw minor demons screaming and were shaking.
Finally all the screaming stopped. And the queen put the fire out. She spread the ashes outside the gates of the castle and had prayers said to cleanse the castle.
All seemed well, till the magician came back again. She had wandered the world and realized there was plenty to fear in it. So she came back to where she had felt safe. The castle.
The queen welcomed her in, when she realized the magician wasn’t bearing any demons this time.
This time though, the good taught her some tools so she could wander the world without fear and hate building again. Then sent her on her way. The last thing they wanted was for the castle to be her prison, when she had no roots here.
Once the magician left, the people went back to normal. For them.
The decent people were led by the good. The good were led by the queen. Who used her power of sight to look in the eyes of anyone who came to visit the castle now. Because she wanted the castle to be safe for those that lived there. But welcoming to strangers, if they had good intentions as well.
Never again though would a demon driven soul be allowed into the castle, as long as the queen lived.

the picture

The Picture (a story)

They were such a perfect couple, or so the picture said. Well they had made a lot of effort to look perfect for it. Dressed up in their Sunday best. Clothes, freshly washed, the lady perfectly coiffed and made up as if an expert had done it.
The picture didn’t say anything but that they didn’t look AT each other, just toward that direction. They didn’t quite smile. Their eyes weren’t happy. But it’d take a lot of observation skills to see it.
Not like the MRI she had to have the last time she showed up at the ER. It showed exatly how many broken bones and torn ligaments she had. It told the doctors these injuries were fairly recent. Not back in her childhood, like he claimed when they separated the two of them and asked him for an explanation. Then he tried the explanation that she was a clutz. There was nothing he could do, shy of wrapping her in cotton batting. Or putting her in a bubble.
Nope, the doctors didn’t believe that either.
Partly because today’s injury involved the type of fracture no fall could ever provide. Do you remember the game as a kid when you give a friend a “snake bite”? Well he had done it so hard, her arm was broken. As skinny and malnourished as she was, it wouldn’t have taken much force. But he was lying and that is what had them looking at him harder and harder every lie he told.
So they called the police. She didn’t. She wouldn’t.
After the doctors had a chat with the police detectives, the cops came and had a serious chat with the couple. Separately again.
He started at the beginning again. Family issues when she was young had left her scarred. That wasn’t a lie, but it wasn’t the truth either. The detectives shook their heads. So he tried the she is a clutz thing again. The cops shook their heads. One of the cops offered to show him his theory and the doctors’ of how her arm got broken today. To use his arm as the example. He refused.
He was taken down to the police station for questioning and a formal investigation was begun.
Ok so her family was an issue, not denying that. But she had had an MRI when she was a young adult and there were no broken bones then. The cops looked for alt explanations of her injuries. Sports, risky behaviour. They even ordered blood work so they could see if she had a mineral or hormonal issue that left her with brittle bones. She did not. But she could use a good meal or two. The hospital made sure she got those meals and she ate with gusto. WAIT! She ate hospital food with gusto?? Hungry lady! She also didn’t throw it up afterwards. Now that can be a feat!
So they added possible charges to the file.
They asked the neighbours about her. She was quiet, shy, unhappy and hardly ever seen.
They checked if any noise complaints were made at their known addresses. Loud music mostly.
She had no job. Not after she got serious with him. Yet her school records showed her to be bright and capable of a career. Her last known job, the employer had a glowing report for them and he had been sad to see her go. He’d be happy to have her back, if she wanted to come back.
So the cops took the case to the crown attorney. And charges were forwarded to the judge. He accepted them. Nowhere in this was she given a chance to refuse or put them forward. It was all the professionals.
She kept saying he was her husband and he loved her. They didn’t believe her. Or him.
Finally, when the trial was underway, she understood that they might know something she didn’t.
What did they know? That love doesn’t try to starve you to death, repeatedly fracture your bones and isolate you.
So she made a date with him…
At his fave restaurant, where she had often sat with lime slices in her water and a herb salad while he ate steak and potatoes, she put poison in his butter when he wasn’t looking. She did feel a bit sad that the restaurant might have a hard time in the next few days, but she wanted a chance to leave town. Get away from him. Safely. Because someone had told her that she was in the most danger from him as she was leaving. Or after she left. From what he had done to her so far? Yeah, she wasn’t taking any chances.
As soon as he was in an ambulance, she grabbed the bag she had hidden outside, and his car keys and left town.
Never to look back.
Nobody was that interested in burying him or searching for her tbh. I mean, would you?
So he got a poor man’s disposition. A priest condemned his soul to hell and his ashes were never collected from the budget crematorium the hospital sent his body to.
She was free. He’d never hurt her again.