Chainmale (a story)


In a group of people who were bent on being the best of the same, this one stood out.

A person who was always early to get dressed for sparring, and lst out of the change room when everyone was tired and sore. Just wanting to get home. This one stayed late.

When everyone else had an off day and accepted that this was reality, this one would swear under their breath and kick themselves, trying so much harder the next time.

Other than that, this one tried harder to blend in and be one of the boys. The first to buy a round, the last to curl up in the corner drunk. The first to slam you in the ribs and slap your shoulder hard. The one to tell a risque joke about sex, BO and farts. And laugh loud with their audience. So proud of the reaction they got. The one who desperately wanted to fit in.. And worked like a dog to do so.

But everyone knew something was off. They thought this one was gay, or anxious. No one knew the truth.

No one but her. Because this one was a girl, dressed as a boy.

Her family was poor and the only way she could help them was to join the castle guard. She just made sure none of her neighbour lads were around when she spoke. Or saw her sneak out of the barracks to return home to see her mom.

Joan was pleased that she managed to hide her truth from the sargent and fellow guards. Because if they knew, she might be sent to jail or have her head chopped off for treason.

Each week, Joan managed to take her pay home to her mom and sneak back to the castle.

Until one night…

Joan was trying to sneak out again. And maybe she got cocky. Maybe she was found out sooner than she thought. But she ran into the prince. Full on, full force. She swore, she begged forgiveness. But it didn’t work. The prince grabbed her arm and dragged her off to the sargent. Threw her down on the ground at his feet and asked him how this girl had gotten into a castle guard uniform without his leave. Or was he that stupid to think it’d ever be ok to allow it?

The sargent sputtered till Joan’s top half of her body was naked and proved the prince’s point. The sargent’s face went white.

The prince ordered her back lashed as he would punish any disobedient guard. Until young Joan had fainted dead away.

Then the prince took pity on her and tended to the welts himself. And sent coins home with her for her family. When it dawned on him why this trickery might have been done.

Joan understood that the prince had no choice, but that didn’t mean she liked him for it. He could have handled it so much better.

And she never forgave him for his actions. She threw the money after his guards, who had escorted her to the cottage her family lived in.

When he heard that, the prince shook his head and sighed. He now had another enemy against him when he went for the crown.


Q – what is the definition of sentience?

Q – What is the definition of sentience?

We make so much about it that we say only humans have it… or is that arrogance? Delusion? A form of xenophobia? Human-centric?

Cogito, ergo sum- René Descartes
“I think, therefore I am”.

But what is thought? Is it some form of perceiving what surrounds you? Or some self expression of soul? Something we cannot quantify?

If we cannot determine, objectively what thought is, then how can we say even that we have thought?

(goes back to scratching and sniffing my body)

And therefore the next question is how do we communicate what we think? Or is there such a thing? And how can we possibly agree if there is nothing truly objective under the sun?

the aliens are coming! The aliens are coming!

the aliens are coming! the aliens are coming!

… the myth

Let’s see… this comes in stages.
The first is that aliens have been coming around, influencing humanity since the Pleistocene Epoch.
And recently that many people have been getting abducted for different lengths of time to be tested. Updates, maybe?
With or since these stories (and the radio broadcast “War of the Worlds” ) , the govt, media and the people have been spooked by the idea of an extraterrestrial race coming to earth and taking us over. It has cost and is costing billions of dollars we truly don’t have and is part of the reasoning behind the arms’ race between Earth’s superpowers. A lof ot conspiracy theories have flown around the world as well. Super race of reptiles?
Now I love a good sci fi story, and fantasy is right up my wheelhouse. And I’ve even read up on the topic as written by world experts. But I have yet to meet an alien. Maybe it’s cuzz I’ve never been to Roswell?

… the story

Carl Sagan

…. the reality

Golden ratio
distance between earth and sun
Drake equation
Ultima Thule?

A story about the evolution of Ardi, Neo and Lucy

A story about the evolution of Ardi, Neo and Lucy

Dear cousin!

Hello! There are so many things we don’t know about each other, so I thought I’d write you a letter. It might be closer to the truth than a room full of scientists who are making guestimates from their tools, proxies, and gases could ever get.
What?? You don’t think I can write?? Well I can hold tools, and make pretty drawings, so I guess what I lacked was a decipherable alphabet? Hmm maybe… Or maybe you just haven’t found it yet?
You think I’m a monkey or an ape, don’t you? Well I can walk across the grasses just like you. Just because climbing trees is easier with four limbs, doesn’t make me a monkey. It’s faster, esp when something is chasing you. Or when you want to sleep in the crook of a tree so you’re safer from predators, right? I know cousin, you chose to live in houses in cities, didn’t you?
That may be why you’re still around? Or 100s of other explanations/theories that no one knows for sure which is right. The climate sure has changed from when I was young, and more so from grand-daddy’s day. He tells stories of bad winds, and the earth moving both land and sea. Something about the warm getting into the earth and making a mess of things. Do you have that too?
And there are stories about fire-rocks or comets coming from the sky. And not just comets either! Some say they’ve seen space ships! Can you imagine?? They say they learned things from them space people that taught them how to live better than us cousins. We’ll see! I never saw a space ship. That’s all I know!
Oh so many things can change our world, can’t they? Volcanoes, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, sandstorms, tsunamis….Fights between generations of gods and goddesses. Aliens.
The earth or the gods were pretty testy with us. Have things changed? That kind of thing would chase any monkey away from the area. My cousins get scared of these things. So when it gets bad, they move away from here. I miss them!
Let’s change the subject….My mouth and jaws are getting narrower than my cousins the monkey and ape have, so there are those who believe I was just on the edge of talking too. Grunts and motions can certainly make one understood if you all make the same ones, right?
Why do you feel so sure you’re supreme to me, when you know there is still genetic similarity between us. And even more between you, the chimp and the bonobo. Are you sure you’re not an ape? Or a younger me?
My lover came over today and proved he could take care of me, by giving me a bunch of edibles. You know, nuts, fruits, seeds, grubs… They were tasty and I was in the mood, so we rutted a bit. He’s not bad. A bit speedy… Has that changed much for you? Yeah well, males are males, I guess. He’s sleeping now, which left me bored and wanting to chat some.
So here we are!
My mom had more kids when they had a poly group than I will ever have, but she is dead and maybe having fewer kids will mean I get to live longer? Again, we’ll see! How many babies do you have in your age, cousin?
Some of my cousins are starting to eat small game. They say they don’t have to eat as often. But they get sore bellies and bad breath! Some of us have decided it’s just not worth the change. We have to graze more but gosh do they stink! And they have to eat the food right away! Ours stores for ages! If we weren’t so hungry, that might be important.
Ok, cousin, does that give you an idea of who I am, and maybe show we’re not so different? I hope so! Gee i do wish we could meet somehow! Oh well. Probably not!?
Do take care of yourself cousin! I’m proud to have gotten this chance to tell you a bit about myself.

Love, from your cousin!


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baby new year at the dungeon (a story)

baby new year at the dungeon!

The dungeon board was chatting awhile back about how to make NYE more than a booze and skirt chase. More than depravity. So they thought of having a charity do. Have some people do something out of character to raise funds.

They came up with having a role switch. Of people who didn’t typically switch. I mean sometimes the hunter wants to be prey, and sometimes the top wants to be a bottom. But it is rare that a daddy dom will switch with their baby girl…

There were a couple daddies on the board and at first they nayed the idea, then they hemmed and hawed. After all it was for charity. And it was true, it’d make a splash. That alone was worth thinking about. It would raise money.

But were they secure enough to take the ribbing from their mates and maybe even their babies?

Now that was the hardest part for them. What would their babies think? Would it undermine their relationship?

The daddies asked for a break to talk to their girls before they agreed or not.

They explained the principles and why they’d even consider doing it to their babies. And they heard their giggles at the thought of their daddies in diapers, bonnets with a dummy in their mouths. And waited for them to settle down, before they asked the needed serious questions. Then left the babies to think about their answers.

Later that day, they heard the responses. It was just a costume to raise charity monies. Daddy was still daddy.
Thus reassured, the men went to the next board meeting. And gave their yays.

The plan was kept quiet. All the members were told was they had a surprise charity draw for NYE.

When the evening arrived, the board’s daddy doms arrived dressed for an adult evening out. Suits and ties, with a bit of colour for the celebrations. Like a hankie or a top hat in a bright colour. Until they got the cue from the CEO of the board and went to change.

They came out together, in their gear, carrying their babies’ biggest stuffies for support. And maybe to hide a bit of their diapers? Or skin?

The crowd weren’t sure whether they should laugh or faint in shock! Laughing behind their sleeves won out. They knew it had to be difficult for the men. But they did insist on some pictures, for posterity. In case these men ever got too big a head lol.

The bids started to come in almost immediately. For pictures with the man-baby and their stuffy. For ones where they were in a crib the dungeon had rented for the night. And for a picture of their little holding them on their laps and telling them a story. It was really silly and cute.
And a lot of money was raised for the charity.

About half way thru the night, the men changed back into their suits. but it took a good while before people stopped seeing them in diapers.

At home? Their little had a giggle now and then when they thought of their daddies in a diaper. But things were back to normal pretty much the first time their daddies put on their stern look or gave them a beam full of pride. It was gone with the first saying of “good girl”.

And the charities were thrilled with the money they raised. Even though a little stunned at the how. The money was well used.

Would they consider doing it again in a year or two?… hmmmm!!

the making of a Her/man (castration porn)

The Making of a Her/man

Pt 1  the sissy story –

He had been begging his Domina to change him into a woman for some time, to better serve her needs.
Finally she sent him to the Castle. It was a femdom dungeon. Solely for this type of journey. He was told it was a spa that specialized in CD transitions.

Well it was, and it wasn’t…

Domina was told to go shopping with him for his outfit and then send him to them, when they had things all set.
On the shopping trip, they picked up all the trimmings of a Victorian lady. From bustle and undershirt with lots of skirts to a fabulous dress and hat and hooked boots to go with it. Even a shawl.

He tried everything on to be sure it fit, then packed it all into a dress bag. He kept checking it between the day they bought it and the day he was supposed to attend the Castle.

The day finally arrived…

Domina escorted him to the door of the Castle. She greeted the head Mistress of the Castle and turned over his keys. She allowed him to kiss her hand goodbye and watched as he was escorted away from her. He thought she would be leaving him with them. But she had been invited to watch the transformation. As was the policy at the Castle.

Domina and the head Mistress went into a small observation room where they could watch him being bathed and waxed, until his skin was smooth as a newborn’s.

Domina liked long hair on a man, so while they had been together he had been growing it out, and today they gathered it into a French braid and put flowers into the plaits. Then he was made up until he looked like a gorgeous woman.

Gel packs were bound to his chest and to his buttocks and a slip was put over them till he had the figure of a slender woman. He was beginning to smile and joke with the male slaves who were attending to him. And they were looking at each other, fully aware of what his day wa going to be like from now on. Because they had been thru the process themselves. Wishing they could warn him, but knowing they were being watched. Every second.

When they had him looking female as he had always wished for, they sent him out to the waiting area.

It seems there was going to be a party that evening. Ladies and gentlemen arrived in the latest fashion, so he stood out in a major way. As the head Mistress had known he would. Everyone knew who the evening’s entertainment would be.

Tonight he would be a Victorian prostitute. Any man who wished her services would be given time with her in a small room. Where she was to engage in any sex he wished. Where she would be beaten and tortured over and over again.

And at the end of the night, there was a surgeon waiting to finalize his transition into womanhood, in a way that he could hardly take back.

He would lose the penis and get his permanent fixings for curves. Surgically.

The head Mistress gave the signal and her first booking helped grab him and take him into the first room…

At that second he saw his Domina, his loved Domina and knew. Something was intended that he didn’t know about.
Something that’d change his life forever. Domina was a strong believer in the phrase of the devil, “Be careful what you wish for, you just may get it!”

Pt 2

the sex slave –

After the time as a Victorian prostitute, his Domina came to him and made certain his wounds were cleaned and he was given his fave meal. They had an evening together in a sitting room, then she left him feeling like it was all over and he had done well.

But that wasn’t the case…

It was a recess if you will. To be sure he had a chance at surviving the rest of the journey. Or at least the next stage.

Domina called for a postponement of the castration. She didn’t think he was yet a “woman”. The head Mistress agreed.

The next morning, he was dragged out of bed and taken to the dungeons of the Castle.

He was going down in some bizarre class reversal system. As if he had been too comfortable and needed to be clear that he was simply a chattle.

The fine gentlemen no longer thought he was worthy of them. And he was now given to the house servants as a toy. As the scraps from the Mistress’ table. The leftovers from the party. And the guests were given a new entertainment.

The discarded prostitute was hooked to a chain and given a dog bowl and water. Fed some can of barely warmed gruel that smelled as if it was about to go off. And kicked everytime they wanted him to move. Called names that attacked him as human being, as a man, and used like a snot rag when you have a cold. With no consideration for his needs or wants. Because he didn’t have any. He was a hole to bang into. A sex slave.

He was meant to whimper, to beg, to whine, to moan and cry for their pleasure. And to take their seed however, wherever they wished it to go, as if it was a tasty treat.

Then he was meant to scream, and was made to do so. With fire, with pain, with humiliation. Until he had no screams left in him. Untl he was nothing that separated him from their desires.

At that moment, he was branded. Marking his breast tissue and buttocks with the Castle’s brand.

The next morning he was showered and put into a robe and taken to a dias with other survivors of the dungeon.

And sold.

To someone they were well aware intended to harm him. Who was known among rough circles to be even crueler than them. Whose brand easily fit over the Castle’s, as many cattle rustlers had done in earlier days. So only the trained eye would discern the marks of the two separately.
He kept looking around for Domina. But she was nowhere to be found.

When they arrived at his new owner’s place, which he heard called the Redroom, he was placed in shackles and a neck ring. And tied to the four rings on the concrete slab.


Several of the slaves who had brought him in started kicking him till he passed out. He was woken with a dousing of cold as ice water. And it began again. Kick, black, ice showers. And again.

Finally he was left alone and he passed out for a bit.
Till he was dragged to another room. Where a design was carved into his stomach, which took hours at a time over days, to get the exact layer of healing they wanted for the scar. Then it was cauterized to seal it. All he could do by the end was whimper. He had no more tears to cry though. As swollen and puffy as his eyes were from crying, and as sore as his throat was from screaming, he couldn’t have leaked out even a tear or scream. And he was weak as a newborn. Laying there with no resistance to whatever was wanted by his oppressors. Unable to move on his own.

And it was at that moment, he had a bone broken in his foot. Yet all he could do was shudder. Even though he’d never broken a bone before in his life.

When the swelling had gone down, he was sent out to the work yard and harnassed to a wheel that milled corn for the house.

The following day, he was reigned to a carriage and sent into town for supplies for the Redroom. With nothing but a thong on. The town folk were used to their odd ways and all they asked for decency was that the slave’s groin be covered when in town.

And the third day, he was sent out to the field to plow it.
And at the end of each day, the tenders were allowed to use him as a sex slave and as a toilet.

He didn’t get much sleep. The little he was allowed was dream-filled with his Domina sitting in a chair, laughing at him and saying, “Be careful what you wish for, you just may get it!”

Pt 3&4

Pt 3 -the lure story –

He was exhausted, defeated and sore from head to toe.

And craving just a moment of respite. Which seemed to be in the mind of his masters too when he was taken to a bathing shed and cleaned and shaved thoroughly. Then he was primped and pampered till his skin glowed and he smiled (wearily) for the first time since his ordeal began.

His face was made up and he had a very pretty summer frock put on. Then his feet were shoved into those torture pumps that very few women love, but most have had in their closets at some point in their lives. And his other foot was broken to match the stance of his healing one. He was given his master’s arm to hold and they walked slowly into the village.

They stood out at the bus terminal and waited for waifs and strays to enter the town. He was meant to reassure them that his master was a good, happy man. Who was no threat to them. He offered any and all help that a gentleman would offer a young woman travelling on her own. Places she could go for food or shelter, a roof over her head that was reputable. And a fun place to hang out while they were here. And to any young man, he offered a place they could find young women who were a little (wink wink nod nod grin) easy on the eye, the pocketbook and with easily spread legs.

And the master handed his card to them with the address of the Redroom on it. Being careful not to let the “lady” with him see the address. He let her think he was being the usual hypocrite. out to atone for his bad deeds by doing good ones.

He seemed like some version of the tourist bureau of a small town. The citizen who took time to volunteer as a guide of what the town had to offer.

And was kept under this delusion, until she arrived back at the Redroom, and saw the crowd of young people she had chatted with so easily at the station. But before she could alert them to what lay ahead, the doors behind them were barred. The “lady” fainted dead on the floor. It was her fault.

And again she heard her Domina say it,

“Be careful what you wish for, you just may get it!”

…. Pt 4 the thing stage –

The next stage was … I have no one word to describe it. Maybe thinging? She was a statue, a mannequin, a doll?

She was sat in the corner to perceive what she could in her state of shock and denial. They dressed, bathed, fucked, beat her thru these days. Not really allowing her recovery. All she felt though was the horrible waves of guilt at what she knew the people she had led here were experiencing. Against their wishes. Or so she thought.

The Master of the Redroom didn’t need all these as slaves and so he sent them out the back door to a hotel that had everything they needed, everything they had sought. I guess that was his line between cruel and evil?

He figured he might see some of them again some day. But they’d return thru places like the Castle or thru their dominant’s house. Prepared in even the smallest way for his chambers. He didn’t condemn the innocent. He left that to others.

But he quite enjoyed condemning those who felt fully debauched and were looking for new thrills. A new level of depravity. Them he enjoyed torturing or shaming into self loathing. Or complete annihilation of self.

And that was this man’s journey into womanhood. By first becoming nothing. By first feeling nothing.

And he might tell you that was where he was now. But he still felt guilt.

In his glorious waxen state of unfeeling, he was taken into another room and made to kick, beat and have his penis used by slave mouths. He was brought back to life in his horror that he was now part of the debauchery. And his penis was enjoying it. Until the guilt and the horror were muted. And he could be counted on to use those under him in any way he desired.

Then he was beaten for his pleasure. And pins were stuck thru his genitals repeatedly. Till he was given to pinning himself. All that had to be done was hand him the pins.
He became numb to the pain he caused others and to himself. Till he had nothing inside him. He was moved from sexual task to sexual task. And if he couldn’t get it up, he was given a dildo to use on the slave.

The slave he thought he had lured here to the Redroom.

And all he could hear was, all he could sense was his Domina saying,

“Be careful what you wish for, you just may get it!”

Pt 5

the wife stage-

The Master of the Redroom thought he was ready for the final stage they were geared for at the Redroom.

He was taken to the baths and shaved and washed. His hair was plaited and put into a chignon. Veils were attached by pins, Gorgeous white silks were placed onto his body, Then blush slips and skirts adorned him.

He was sat down till he stopped thinking of himself as a he…

The slaves were replaced by women who cooed over her, who wished her joy in her husband and family to come. Who put jewels on her fingers, toes, at her belly button, who piereced her nipples and “clitoris”. Who hung a multi-layered chain around her neck and made it choker tight. They reminded her that she was about to become her husband’s and must a “good wife” to him.

Then the bridal dress was put on her. And she was taken to the altar. Her Domina took her hand and placed it in the hand of some man she didn’t know and gave her to him in the eyes of the temple.

Her husband-to-be lifted her veils and grimaced. But he went thru the formalities, once he was assured the bridal dowry was adequate to his needs. But he returned the veils to their previous position. Even though she had been assured she made a gorgeous bride.

She was crest fallen. Yet she said it…

I, Hermoine, take thee, Brutus, to be my wedded Husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love, cherish, and to obey, till death us do part, according to God’s holy ordinance; and thereto I give thee my troth.

Feeling this ominous mood rather than the joy that a bride should have that day.

After the ceremony, she went with her Domina and was disrobed.

She was finally castrated. Now she had a husband, she needed to be a woman for his sake. The gels were set inside her breasts and buttocks, her penis was inverted and formed into labia and vagina.

And shortly afterwards, she was awoken. Stood before a mirror and made to greet her new body. Made to touch it to make it real for her.

Her Domina smiled at the success and she tried really hard to smile back. But there was no joy, just success. Her Domina kissed her goodbye and left her to be taken to her new husband with the phrase winding it’s way thru her head…

“Be careful what you wish for, you just may get it!”

She was now a woman.

She was nothing but a wife.

are men doing more domestic labour/chores?

Are men doing more domestic labour/chores?

Why should men pick up household duties and child care?

  • Because he just might want to get laid now and then?
  • Because a clean house has more equity than a filthy one?
  • Because his wife and he will fight less?
  • Most men don’t fix or repair things that break down, or do yard work since they live in condos, apts, or townhouses with some kind of property mgmt team. Or the tools are too complex for him to know how to fix. So does he sit and watch tv while she does two jobs?
  • She works now too, in more cases than not.
  • And srsly last thing that she wants is a man-sized child.
  • As for the kids, they’re his too!

Factors: what has changed?

… there are more tools

that take over tasks women used to do.
So how much work actually has to be done by an adult human? ie vaccum cleaner and swiffer for floors, microwave for heating meal, frozen dinners, electric irons for pressing clothes, washers and dryers for cleaning clothes…

the house sits empty

a lot of the day
and when home, they do more sleeping than anything, so the biggests tasks are dusting and laundry. The adults are at work and the kids are at a sitter’s or school.

fifty % of marriages

end in divorce,
so there are two households. Mom is not going to dad’s to clean his place.

…. resources

penn state
splinter news
univ of Maryland

hidden treasures app (an erotic story)

Hidden Treasures App

Steff had had enough of being alone and sad. Enough of going to bars and trying to get over her shyness. She just wanted to get laid. So she went thru her phone’s apps and found one that seemed to be getting some attention recently in her area. There were lots of hotties in the pictures, And the minute she put her details into the site, she got lots of looks and thumbs up. And she was notified about messages within 10 minutes of joining.

At first the messages were for coffee or drinks’ dates. And srsly if she had wanted that, Steff would have joined an ordinary dating site. She just wanted to get laid. What did she have to do? Go walk down the street in stillettos and a mini skirt?

Then she got a ping…

There was a man from the site near her. It said within ten feet. Steff looked at his picture quickly and practically drooled! Gawd he was hot! She twirled around and found him. He found her. And he smiled. And started walking toward her!! She smiled back and walked towards him.

When they reached each other, he took her hand and kissed the inside of her wrist. And asked if she was game. Steff nodded. Oh yeah!

There was a motel across the road and they booked in and got their room keys.

As soon as they were inside the room, he grabbed her and placed the longest wettest kiss she had ever gotten before on her. And she practically fell at his feet. Then she did! And she unzipped him. Then blew him like he was something she had been starving for for eons! And he seemed to be into it too. What with all the groans and moans he was putting out. He pulled out long enough to cum all over her face.

Then he pushed her onto the bed and pulled her panties down from under her skirt. And dove his head in between her legs. And started lapping her like a dog at the water dish. Steff was just about to correct him, when he started sucking her clit and she bucked up into his face. Grinding into it.

He grabbed her hips and shoved his cock into her. Riding her like he was going for a drum solo rather than having sex. Steff looked at him like he had lost his mind. But then he slowed down and started acting like he knew what he was doing. There seemed to be two men in this bed with ehr. One who was crap at sex and one who knew what he was doing.

Steff was tired of the crap artist. So she flipped him over and sat on him. And made sure she had the control now. First the slow glide that drove them both a bit nuts. Then a steady rocking rhythm that worked them into a frenzy. And she started cumming in waves. And he joined her.

There! That was much better. They lay there on the bed for a few minutes, then he got up to take off the condom. And she grabbed her panties and purse and ran out the door.

They had done what she had wanted. And she wasn’t sure she wanted to talk to a perfect stranger.

a different kind of Christmas (erotica)

A different kind of Christmas

Last night had been the do for Mike and his kids. And then he had sent them off with his ex to her parents’ place. And he was prepared for his first Christmas alone. He said he didn’t want to do anything but lay back and relax. But Holly knew he wasn’t looking forward to his first Christmas without them. He had always made Christmas about them, his ex and the kids. And now there was no one to make the day special for.
So Holly decided Mike needed a lesson in receiving…
She spent most of the eve before hiding little surprises for him at her place. And arranging clues for him to find. Christmas was getting a touch of Easter. With an egg hunt of sorts. Adult style. There were edible undies, body paint, candles, massage oils… sensual aids to get him thinking of things he might like to do instead of laying around feeling sorry for himself. Realizing that lovers can have a great day alone and be a gift to each other. Maybe that was a long distant memory from before he had kids? Or maybe he’d never had this kind of Christmas before? But Holly had and she was going to share it with him.
She begged him to come over for a snack at her place. Mike almost said no, but then his giving nature came thru… for her sake. And he showed up. With a bottle of wine and some chocolates he’d managed to find in his place and wrapped. Holly blew him a kiss as she ran into the kitchen for the snack he was expecting.
Mike started with the “Hope you’re not making a fuss” speech he often began with when she cooked for him. And she said something along the lines of “the food is nothing special, not to worry, Mike!” And it wasn’t. Just a Christmas antipasto plate. Left over turkey, made into a Monte Christo sandwich and a pie she’d gotten from the grocer’s bakery. So he relaxed and ate, joking around with her. Holly was glad to see him act as if he was having fun.
But she knew he could do better.
When they were done eating, she kissed him like lovers do. And she saw the glint come into Mike’s eyes. He tried to grab her, but she skipped away. For a second she let him feel confused. Let him think he wasn’t going to get laid.
Then she handed him the note that held the first clue to the hunt. And the game was afoot!
Under cushions; behind drapery; behind knick-knacks; under her bed; in a few closets… he found things that sparked his imagination more of how they could get some joy out of this day. And she saw a genuine grin come over his face. Now he was ready. And Holly kissed him again.
Mike dragged her onto the bed. But she easily talked him into letting himself be tied, spread-eagled. She put the panties onto him and started to tease the eff out of his hide. Using the gifts she had hidden. Until Mike was squirming and begging for release.
Fnally she released the binds and he grabbed her and banged into her like she was made of concrete. Good thing she was soaked and ready for him!
Even as aroused as Mike had been, he still managed to wait till she was cumming before he began to shoot inside her. It was enough to bring another genuine smile from him. And they both tapped out in each others’ arms and napped till this Christmas day that had begun with such sad thoughts was officially over. Mike now understood he could receive and enjoy the day as much or more than just giving had given him. Just by having a different, adult play partner for the day.

The Sacred Feminine – The Path of the Goddess.

The Sacred Feminine – The Path of the Goddess

She is the creator of the world .
She has a bird or flower come to her and lay between her legs and from her loins, all of the world is born. All the forms of creation, known to humanity and those behind the veil. Some you may call fae or fairy. Some you may call angel and devil, some you may call gods. And the world as we know it begins. Because she exists.
She is the dark mother , the one who has always been, who will always be.
She is in the earth, yet not of the earth, She is in the air, yet not of the air. She is in the water, yet not of the water.
She is the mother, of us all and cares for us. Nurtures us and protects us.
She is the warrior. . Fierce and fine. Gathering her forces to protect her dear ones.
She is young and agile, strong and energetic. Her season is one of growth and verve. Imagination and innocence.
She is the maiden, the mother, and the crone and comes to you in the form needed to address your invocation. In the form you will understand.
She is your guide on your shamanic journey , or as you heal and care for those you love as a wise woman .
She is there as you perform the sacred marriage in celebration of the seasons of time and space. In celebraton of nature and the divine.
She comes to you when you need to feel the Goddess within,
She is there while you live and when you die. . She eases your journey into the afterlife. And guides your soul thru it’s next incarnations.
She is with you thru everything you can go thru in your feminine state and beyond. She meets you where you are and takes you where you must go
She is the Goddess you need, when you need her.
Blessed be.