When the First People Migrated – to the Americas

When the First People Migrated – to the Americas

Rising from African migrations and Russian roots to all the Americas, and developing their own systems and governance.

And innovations helped them travel and carry their goods more readily, like the wheel and boat looking for new land because of the climate changes they faced. Following the fish and easy vegetation they were familiar with. Finding animals they could hunt, eat and domesticate along the way. Till they could settle in at least villages. Till they could grow veg and fruit. Carrying their stories that contained common icons within. Finding common cultural practices and rites, such as Shamanism.

Or did they come a different route? From Africa to New Guinea and Australia and NZ to Brazil?

And we’re finding this out thru archaeology, language studies, skull assessments and genetic screening. Digging for sites and bloodlines. Finding a genetic line between the Chukchi, Koriak, and Nivkhs with Alaskans, the Haida and the Clovis culture. And with the Aboriginals of Australia and South American first people.

Where they came from, how they got along when they were here, what they sustained themselves with and how they drove the cultures that have come to separate who the people of the Americas were from the Asians and Europeans is a cool story. One that shapes what the first peoples would value and the rights they would seek from the United Nations and the world.

Good News on the Pandemic Front!

Good News on the Pandemic Front!

Two of the biggest hurdles we have been facing in this pandemic are vaccine hesitancy and equitable global access.

Well the good news, there is a new/ish option on the market. A Texan doctor has developed a vaccine (not mRNA) and is sending it out to the world with no expectations of patent protection or money. He’s not big pharma looking for a buck, or using a new thing people are scared of taking. The process has been around for over 40 yrs and people know how to make it around the world. And it’s an easier process. All good stuff for the globe so we don’t keep building new breeds among the unvaccinated. But you aren’t likely to see this particular vaccine used in G7 nations. This is for the poor nations. To help themselves.

……. resources

Peter Hotez
Texas Children’s Hospital
made of yeast, tested on hep B issue and patent free
Hotez’ views on hesitancy

Global Demographics – Race and Religion – A New Course I’m Taking

Global Demographics – Race and Religion – A New Course I’m Taking

When you want to study who the people of the world are and what their major influences are, sometimes it works best to start at the beginning.

And to remember how many times in the world’s history an empire went out and changed the demographics of their neighbouring lands, in both religion and race (soldiers often rape women to oppress them and leave ‘seed’ behind). They also kill the men and boys or take them as slaves. So when you look at a map or study of what is now, it’s best to remember how many peoples have been ‘lost’ in time who were once empire builders in their hayday. In their own neighbourhood.

I think it puts colonialism into a larger context of imperialism, empire building. Megalomaniacs come in many cultures.

And these studies and recognition can also review how the peoples stood back up and reclaimed what is theirs, looking to the future for their survival. Only to be called rebels and terrorists.

Because I took Indigenous Canada last year, I wanted to look at the world thru their eyes again. I’ve also heard the same treatment was ‘visited’ on the Sami in Scandinavia and the Maori in New Zealand by the Catholic church of the 1600s as was in the Americas. So I want to see the broader view.

And here is the course (first of the new year!) I will be doing it thru. My usual warning is that I may drag what I learn into my writing here. lol

How Far is Too Far?

How Far is Too Far?

We talk about boundaries and consent a LOT. But it can sometimes be hard to see where the line is. We ask the owners of sites to make that line where we want them as individuals or as ‘my friends and I’ would. But what can they draw from that when …. how many voices do they have in their ear?

We talk about what ‘normal’ is too. But every culture known to humanity has split x R warred over what that means. Same as morality. And that is just the main groups. What about the outsiders? Will they ever see a day when they are brought into the fold? Or even counted again?

If we can’t figure out what the norm is, how do we determine what too far is then?

We look at crime and mental health, what civil disobedience is, and find disagreement even among the ‘experts’, So how do we know when and how to act? Yet we can face dire consequences if someone disagrees with us.

Is there such a thing as freedom and autonomy? Or is that a pipedream?

New Year – Resolutions, Challenges, Relationships -Sorting your mental & emotional closet out.

New Year – Resolutions, Challenges, Relationships -Sorting your mental & emotional closet out.

There are so many life style ‘experts’ who advise you to clean the junk out of your homes, your closets, to only have in your life what ‘brings you joy’. But the place where you may actually need to begin this work is inside your head and heart. Because no matter how often you clean your junk pile out, it keeps creeping back in till you do this work.

And New Year’s Day seems to be a common, collective moment when we look at our lives and set goals for the year. But how often do they break down because we self-sabotage or the people in our lives sabotage us because they quite like the status quo? And TBH they quite like manipulating you to meet their goal of keeping you under their thumb.

So how do we traverse these issues?

  1. decide what you want out of life and how you’ll get there
  2. decide which people in your life will support your autonomy and help you on your journey.
  3. make sure the goals are realistic

Now you have your game plan and your support team.

  1. Give them your time, attention and emotional energy.
  2. Minimize those who won’t and their impact on your self confidence and emotional drive.
  3. recognize the emo vampires in your life and reduce their access to you.

With this plan, this team and sensible outline, this might be your year for growth.

Just remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and it took how many years to clutter your head with this negativity and/or useless junk?

  1. So forgive yourself and
  2. recognize you will make mistakes and sometimes you will have to go backwards first. To do some healing work before you can grow. If that is true, maybe this is the year to see about counselling?

And have fun with it. You are going to spend every day and night inside your own head and heart. So please make it funny, kind, fair, as easy and as positive where you can. It’ll be much nicer to grow and heal in that head space.

good luck!

Pandemic – Has your govt abandoned you?

Pandemic – Has your govt abandoned you?

Do you have access to:

  • rapid tests?
  • PCR tests?
  • vaccines?
  • antibody tests of blood to see if you’ve been exposed?
  • clinics or hospital beds for treatment?
  • safe isolation practices?
  • paid sick days and time off to get tested?
  • Paid caregiver time for when your family is sick?
  • work from home ability?
  • hazard pay if you can’t work from home?
  • safe(r) air ventilation in schools, congregant care facilities, hospitals and workspaces?
  • more bus/train routes to avoid overcrowding?
  • stimulant checks for families who are without incomes?
  • stimulant checks for small businesses?
  • rent freezes, eviction freezes
  • information about filing for disability if you have post viral conditions?
  • clinics for treatment of post viral conditions?

please add any innovative efforts

that your govt has provided.

Accountability in Hard Times

Accountability in Hard Times

When do you get to say that the group you were in (family, mob, gang, cult, neighbourhood, military, field of practice or study, country) influenced, coerced or forced you into doing something you would never have done otherwise? When should you be and when are you held to account despite that?

From your own action, to knowing when someone else has acted

The thinking/moral choices begins with things like whether you stole a loaf of bread because you or your family were hungry, stole a coat because you were cold, to selling drugs because you needed money or in a gang territory, you joined and engaged in their crimes with them. If you were a spouse and your partner abused and/or neglected your kids. If you were a soldier, you followed orders even though you knew civilians esp kids would be harmed. If you were a priest, doctor or teacher and covered up for a colleague’s crimes.

And as a leader, did you actually commit the crime or did you ask others to in your name?

Charles Manson

Had his followers commit crimes, many of whom faced consequences of their activities.

war crimes

We now have clear direction on what constitutes a war crime or a human rights violation, mostly due to the UN/ICC and it’s work since the Nuremberg trials.

Jan 6/2021 US Capitol insurrection

Those there, or those who incited their heightened emotions and stood back to laugh and watch as people became a mob?

But when is it your fault too?

  • Clearly, when you were one of the leaders. But that depends too on how much authority and autonomy you had in the chain of command. What usual practice and ethics of the time were.
  • Your pattern of behaviour – Outside of the group, were you a problem? Did their coercion teach you to behave this way beyond their reach?
  • when the stress of the activity and group aggression made you ill – ie PTSD, addictions, Stockholm’s Syndrome or worsened something you’d had before but had been pretty much under control till you were in the group.

It’s a complex situation. One I’m not sure even the professionals have a handle on. So do we show empathy to the point where most of the people who had no power get off? But how do we prevent these small fry from doing this again the next time some megalomaniac incites or coerces them?

Where does your line fall in these situations?

Q – Perfectionism Sought in the Group

Q – Perfectionism Sought in the Group

I often get into discussions with people about their family and friends, and how they get treated by them. They say it’s really cool to have people who check them, who don’t put up with their BS etc.

It just boggles my mind. Maybe because I’ve been in relationships where emotional abuse happened? Hypercriticism, coercive control, gaslighting…. But this kind of relationship has made me walk away. I won’t stay in it. Not before and not now either.

So I’m curious. What is the line between a friend who wants you to grow and be your best self and someone who moves on you to correct you? Whether it’s spelling & grammar, how you dress, what you eat and how much you weigh, who you date….they ‘help’ you make decisions as if you were two rather than an adult. Aren’t they showing you they have no faith in you to do it yourself? Aren’t they saying they think they’re at least better than you, if not perfect? Are they saying you’re stupid or crazy?

Do you have to be perfect to hang with your people? Or at least on your A game? Or can you just chill and be your shorts and tee self with them? Apologize if you step on their toes and kiss & make up?

Where is the line in this behaviour? Do they wait for you to ask for their advice or opinion? Do you want them to tell you if your SO hits on them? Or if they think you’re at risk in your relationship?

Are you in a dynamic that includes p/funishment, are they more your parent than your partner? Are they always the top/bottom? Is that what was agreed or did it sort of just happen that way because you’re tired of struggling with them for supremacy?

Agency – Q – Who are you more likely to stand up for? Yourself or Someone in your charge?

Agency – Q – Who are you more likely to stand up for? Yourself or Someone in your charge?

How many people actually consider the boundaries of their agency beyond day to day relationships?

Have you asked yourself these questions?:

Under what terms will you stand up for self and/or others? Do you have to be fairly calm or is it more likely to happen when you think there’s a threat to you or that person?
Do you need their permission? Or will you intervene if it’s a stranger? A child or an adult?
What about general principles? Will you protest when the cause is just, but it doesn’t necessarily affect you? Or does it have to be personal to get you to act?
Would you be willing to go to jail to be heard?
Would you consider violence to be appropriate to protect yourself or someone else? A child or an adult?
Would you become a priest, police officer, a soldier or a politician to protect the rights of yourself or others?
Would you leave your family, your marriage/relationship to stand behind yourself or someone else?
How easily influenced are you by others? Will you be the first into the fight if something is important to you?

Imagine dating as Mr Nicholas Claus….

Imagine dating as Mr Nicholas Claus….

The ad he’d place on a kinky dating site:

Ladies, I like women, bad (I’ll call you a ho!) or good women (I’ll pat your head and call you a good girl!). Round and skinny women. (I’ll feed you candies nuts and fruits) Young or old women. You can sit on my knee (My cage is on and locked. I only cum once a year!) and tell me your wishes and secrets. (I’m wearing a gag) I’ll be your best man ever. You’ll get lots of presents, many artisanal, bespoke pieces you can hand down to our children. And my ride is your ride. Anywhere you want to go in the world, all you have to do is say a word and you’ll be there. All I ask is you wear a red dress with fur on the cuffs and hem for the rest of your life. Is that something you could do?