Darwin & Spencer vs Marx & Epigenetics – Natural Selection vs Social Struggles

Darwin & Spencer vs Marx & Epigenetics – Natural Selection vs Social Struggles

When Darwin is discussed, the focus is usually more on genes than on environment.

And very carefully, Darwin avoids the human variance that he could have discussed. Probably because then you have to discuss the responsibility of people in how they collaborate to form societies and care for themselves. What their moral responsibility is to themselves, their gods, and their group. (John Calvin, Max Weber – The protestant ethic) And what society asks of and can do to shape how people respond when there are misfits in the group (eugenics) . Who appear to drain excessive resources. (Spencer, Durkheim – Altruistic suicide) While forgetting some of the basic fundamentals of natural selection and evolution. Change doesn’t always happen in ways that are best for the individual or group. That’s not guaranteed. And it also forgets that oppression can affect how genes are expressed. (Marx, epigenetics) Which has no supposition that the genes are available in the first place. Or that they can be safely triggered to come to the surface,

Society, authority and the states are not moral entities in themselves. They are meant to serve the people within. But they don’t. At best they serve the majority. At worst they serve the actors within the system when you consider such things as corruption, grifting and bribery.

There is a presumption that society must be good, which isn’t always true. (War, slavery) And hierarchy always serves the bottom tiers. Which it doesn’t, and it can’t. Natural or not. So it is necessary to review this independent of attachment to the group.


But this video puts it a LOT easier, in a more theatrical way and the host of Philosophy Tube is very charming. You don’t have to be a MA or PHD to get what is discussed in the video. It’s quite enjoyable. Worth a watch! IMO

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