Q – What is Society? And How Do We Fit In?

Q – What is Society? And How Do We Fit In?

I think humanity has done a bit of just about everything during our evolution….

  • lived in caves, wearing skins, fished or hunted and gathered
  • lived in cottages and grew a few plants, reared a few animals
  • worked in factories and lived in small homes
  • worked in offices and lived in apartments.
  • I don’t know how they are today, but some people have lived in bio-spheres

I can’t think of another option we can try, can you? Unless it’s on a space ship? But is that possible? Really?


So having tried different societies, and not really having changed as a species, what do we think our nature is? Do you think you could live in any other type of social system our ancestors (and some rare people of today still live in) lived in?

  • Could you forage or hunt and not kill yourself on what you gathered for your meal?
  • Could you make your own clothes and tools?
  • Could you make your own meal from scratch?
  • Could you defend yourself if a thief or thug came at you or your family?
  • Are you versatile in your skills and thinking?
  • In these systems, which gender role could you more easily adapt to?


What system do you think is our true human nature?

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