Seeking EL DORADO in your Life

Seeking EL DORADO in your Life

The worst thing you can do when your life is not going right is to compare yourself with others. They don’t have the same struggles, nor have they had the same experiences.

And there are some things to keep in mind:
every successful person has a whole crew behind them

  • the model on that magazine just spent an hour in makeup and had her/his hair styled by one of the top people in the biz… They have a trained photographer take shots that are flattering.
  • the person who is telling you how to be fit doesn’t have a job or kids to distract them. They can afford all those foods they tell you to eat. They get them shipped to their house and cooked by a chef. No two people need the exact same diet so check with your doctor if that recommended diet is something you can have,
  • that singer has a vocal coach and a guy with a wicked sound board laying their tracks. Plus their writer & composer wrote a song that was perfect for their vocal range.
  • that dancer, boxer or weight lifter can spend all day every day practicing.
  • Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk had wealthy parents. They did NOT start off in debt.

So be realistic in your expectations.

  • If your parents and siblings are in problematic marriages, you’ll have a harder go to be in a healthy one. Therapy is your friend.
  • You may finish HS or get a GED if your parents didn’t go beyond gr 10. Or you might go to trade school or get an apprenticeship. You might be able to take a course or two a year after work at a community college.
  • You might be able to pay your bills each month, if you don’t live on credit cards that you will never pay off. Or win big on lotto or at the race track. There is no quick way to be wealthy.
  • You will more likely make a real mac and cheese (not the boxed stuff) than fettucine alfredo.
  • And you won’t move into a mansion tomorrow. But if you save a little, you might be able to paint the front room. Possibly get a few new throw pillows and a rug to make it look fresh.

It’s all about realistic expectations
And that may seem depressing. But life isn’t about reaching the gold city no one else or few others have found. That’s pretty delusional.
The people who do reach El Dorado have teams behind them. They’re not oppressed by systemic problems like poor white people, LGBTQ and BIPOC are. They fit the current preferred model for capitalism.

The way to realistically improve your life is to find hobbies and friends you enjoy spending time with. So you will at least enjoy the time you spend inside your own head.

Your life can improve if you look for things that you CAN do and change them

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