Exorcism (a story)


Her parents told the priest that it was just her that had the issues. That recently she’d been acting differently. She refused to go to church, wouldn’t eat with them at dinner, was very disobedient, and suddenly had a foul mouth. She refused to sleep in her own bed, and had taken up residence on the living room couch. And whenever her father and brother spoke to her, she wouldn’t answer them. If they insisted, she walked out. She wouldn’t go to school anymore and slept all day when everyone else was out. She’d only help do chores if they were in the kitchen and reception rooms.

The priest got a really serious look on his face, and said he’d send someone right over to investigate. He mentioned that they usually worked with a local psychologist at first. It was church policy. Her father got really angry. Which made the priest be really firm about the policy.

The interview went ahead, despite her father’s dismay. And then the psychologist insisted the girl get a physical exam by a doctor first. Before the church would go ahead with any exorcism. Again, the father’s anger made the psychologist even more insistent that the policy would hold. And take on a really stern look.

The priest and the psychologist voiced their suspicions to the medical doctor. Who made sure that only he and his nurse were in the room and that his nurse did all the questioning and support. And there was a tall screen over the girl’s stomach so she couldn’t see him.

There was a meeting at the church, and the bishop attended, since he was the one who would make the final decision if there would be an exorcism or a visit by the police.

The bishop called the girl into the church and sat with her and one of the female elders. The elder did the direct questioning of the girl.

And finally the decision was made. The church decided that they should call the police.

Q – Do You Make NY Resolutions?

Q – Do You Make NY Resolutions?

I used to when I was much younger. But I didn’t really follow thru on them. Did you?

Mine tended to be about fitness and good health habits. As time went by though, the health and fitness became more critical due to allergies and GI issues. So if I made changes to my lifestyle, they didn’t wait till the end of the year.

Sometimes my resolutions were about relationships. Like which people it was good to be around based on how they treated me. But again, the crises came when they happened. So NY’s wasn’t key in those decisions either.

Occasionally, the resolutions were about money/budgeting. As a young adult, I was more interested in spending than saving. Having a kid did more to shape that than anything I promised myself on NY’s.

One that stuck was NYE was my last ever night of drinking alcohol! Wooo woooo! (No I don’t mean last night either! lol)


Does that strike a cord with you too? Or was your experience different than mine?


Anyways, I hope you didn’t overdo last night and had a good break from your usual.

Happy New Year!