But Monkeys Did it First! (transoceanic migration)

But Monkeys Did it First! (transoceanic migration)

Oh dem monkeys!

You have to wonder why they left Africa? Was it weather? A new threat? Lack of food?

They latched onto something and rafted across the ocean to a new land. Brave monkey! Holy banana! Do you think they could swim? If they couldn’t, it’d be scary to go out in the ocean!! Yet they did it!

Just remember…. when you think we’re the ones who did it first? Oh no! It was our monkey cousins! Just how closely are they related to us? I guess that depends….Have you ever had your genomes done? It seems some of us (more than others) still carry chromosomes from neandertals and denisovans!!

Do you have a mad urge to scratch your pits, pick lice out of your mate’s hair and eat a banana?

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